Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Best of the Best : Top 25 songs of 2012

It's the first day of December ...and 20 more days 
we'll finally found out if the world is gonna end 
or are the mayans just trolling us ,

So before we all went to bits and pieces 
let's count the 25 songs 
that mark our civilization
as per this year ...

25. (FUCK) Your Body - Christina Aguillera 

Xtina is one funny gal 
for her bionic album she's reinventing herself as a robot
and now she's reinventing herself as a flower for her lotus album
sure this song wasn't a groundbreaking comeback
but you have to give it up to someone who's ready to take risk and flop
just to entertain us.

24. Give me All your Luvin' - Madonna feat MIA and Nicki Minaj 

It's funny to see madonna , a 50 year old diva 
working it as a cheerleader 
when she can just fart ...put it an album and sell it like pancake
with two of the most outspoken and unpredictable female rapper in this track
Queen Madge still rules it like she never left.

23.Honestly - Hot Chelle rae 

Honestly....this pop song is so good ,
it can melt a toblerone into a puddle 
blasting your girlfriend has never been this clever 
nor this fun to watch.

22. Good Girl - Carrie Underwood 

Carrie Underwood has never been this feistier since "Before he Cheats"
it's almost as if she stole all of beyonce's fan and blow it to herself
with a little great styling and a lot of rough singing 
she still maintains the country pop edge under her little ole purse'

21. We are young - FUN feat Janelle Monae 

It's now a common misconception that young people are pyromaniacs
furthermore indie bands are super popping nowadays 
like foster the people , they are providing us with weird dance catchy track
like boy bands ...complete with matching tuxedo's

20 . Home - Philips Philips

Double P is trolling us 
releasing songs as if he was a serious artist 
as if they are serious artists birthed from reality singing competition
although with two AI Alumni in this countdown 
Double P has two things to thank for 
one...he's cute
and two ...for a lead single's kinda respectably amazing.

19 . Wide Awake - Katy Perry 

Call it as a premonition of what katy perry will be serving up on her next album
as she promise it will be darker than dark
but for now this track proves 
even the dimmest of song can turn Fulbright with Ms. Perry by your side.

18. Chasing the Sun - The Wanted 

What makes The Wanted different from One Direction
is that while 1D smells Heartbreak ,
The wanted smells danger ...trouble 
and more so a dark undertone that highlighted this track 
into a marvelous display of what's up there after-dark. 

17. Give your heart a break - Demi Lovato 

If miley cyrus is disney's wild child
and selena gomez is disney's princess
Demi might be the normal not so assuming and very relatable
disney's teenage star that we never before seen since raven symone era
complete with angst and a little fluff for cute boys 
she maybe disney's reliable treasure

16. As long as you love me - Justin Bieber Feat Big Sean 

JB's Team was clever on constructing Justin next step
they know they can't be on the pop field forever 
and later be forgotten like nick carter...or was it aaron? IDK
So they change his hair ...they change his sound
and the result is very convincing and LOL 

15. Ice - Kelly Rowland feat Lil Wayne

Call it my love for all things kelly rowland
Sure it was formulaic and an attempt to make motivation part 2 
and the video looks like a cheap porno (sorry kelly)
but i appreciate that with all the dance music surrounding us
someone is still resurrecting pure slow jam rnb music

14. Want U Back - Cher Llyod 

What's more bratty than a popstar who think she can get whatever she wants ?
A high accented song to go with it ,
Cher face the same trouble we all face when we let our toys go
when we saw them being played by other children ...we certainly want it back.

13. Don't wake me up - Chris Brown 

Chris Brown is talented , I remember him without his personal issues back then
people are calling him the next michael jackson
but image is everything in hollywood
yet somehow i do believe chris is still hitting us with hard music this days
we're just too blinded by all the drama

12. I was here - Beyonce 

Written by one of the greatest songwriter ( Diane Warren)
and sang by one of the greatest vocalist of our time 
it was anthemic and it echoes like the last gunshot
of a black and white bond movie 

11. Little Things - One Direction 

It was a puzzle to me how one direction pull off a touching song like this 
then i heard ed sheeran wrote it , no wonder
1D have a talent on being a vocal powerhouse
take for example "taken" a song written by kelly clarkson 
no wonder they're famous, but sometimes i do think
they still spend more time in the hairdressing room than the studio.

10. Somebody that i used to know - Gotye feat Kimbra / Walk off the earth 

I feel that every year we always have a break up anthem
from "jar of hearts" to "someone like you"
this year it was gotye and visually amazing video with kimbra
i have to give credits to walk off the earth for there cover's the one on my phone anyway.

9 . Fuck u betta - Neon Hitch 

Neon hitch write songs for ke$ha
chris applebaum directed the video ...he also directed rihanna's umbrella video
so i don't know the song didn't get as big as i thought it should
who cares anyway my book neon fuck it betta

8.Where have you've been - Rihanna 

Rihanna is a musical master of our generation
she's dug dance records and bring it to mainstream
now with diamonds , she's dugging indie music and making it mainstream
but for where have you've been , we seen her as a goddess
who can do no wrong in any angle ..this world is hers for the taking.

7. Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey 

is lana del rey even a human ?
she's looks like a ghost and her voice is so haunting 
she's scary beautiful 
talk about tyra's ugly pretty 
and this song is like drugs on steroid 
or steroid on drugs 

6. We are never ever ever getting back together - Taylor Swift 

Now that taylor have mastered making country music pop
why not try full on bubblegom pop ? 
i mean it still topped the country charts 
taylor shouldn't even try no more ...

5. BrokenHearted - Karmin 

Rap-pop ...just call it this year's superbass 
karmin has one fesity rapper and one cute trumpet player
but this arrangement is like one bad ass mafia meeting
grammy should really consider this one for best rap/sung collabo.

4. Bad Girls - MIA 

MIA was never someone to me before i saw this 
she was like the anti gravity conteusse of whatever country that is 
and this beat is so hood 
it can actually start a war of the world.

3. King of Hearts - Cassie 

Cassie strikes comeback with this track
although it didn't chart
it's top three on my list
for the reason that it kinda sound like a final fantasy soundtrack 
bombarded with a little RnB mojo
Welcome back Cassie 

2. How we do - Rita Ora 

If there was one song i wanna re do the video
and one song that was overplayed in my phone
it was this ...the theme was so simple
party and bullshit
but the effect last longer than a wedding hangover 

1. Hot Girls - Double Take 

i'm not even kidding...

Saturday, November 24, 2012


They say that we are all
this world....this universe....
call it destiny...
or call it the biggest puzzle that who knows when will be solved.

I go on with life finding myself 
coz i don't believe no one just suddenly pop out of there mom's womb
and the doctor yell ... "It's Complete....the human is Complete" 

We grow up ...getting more and more questions ...
curiosity strikes ...and our eagerness to find all the answers get higher everyday
while some rely on things based on books and teachings of there adequate surrounding
on another hand ...they look on life with all the experience they gotten ,
since no one can mentor oneself than there own failure and accomplishment.

But now as i pass through all these noted motions
and life gets older 
time gets younger 
fads gets faster ....

It got me wondering where to look at 
and where am i headed 
and where can i find the last piece 
of my own puzzle.

have you find yours ? 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In future ...there is hope, (True Story)

When i was in high-school ...i lost my phone 
it was near in my home ...just blocks from it actually was in pandacan
i was just going to my friend and when i got there i realized i lost it 
knowing that pandacan was a small place ...and basically everyone here knows everyone
i was sure someone from my own home town will give it to me ...
But unfortunately my phone was lost forever ...good riddance i guess , 

A few days ago ...I lost my phone ...again.
This time i was going to shakey's with my cousin ...
instead of panicking and worrying about the last times ( i already lost my phone twice) 
I just move on and let go ...even though i know i can't afford to buy one ,
I just say least i have a valid reason so my boss can't contact me
maybe they'll finally give me the increase i wanted.

A day or two later ...someone contacted my cousin ....
they say they got the phone from the taxi , 
it was almost as if a mixed feeling of "huh" and "what" from me ...
It's like the feeling of you finally move on and let go 
and the past came back to haunt you

Even though it was a pleasant surprise ,
i was still scratching my head of the possibility of it all ,
At this time of age ...will someone out there give an effort to give a phone back ?
"hoholdapin ka lang nyan " one of my officemate said ...
"kung buti nakaiphone ako , samsung corby lang phone ko, anu makukuha nila sa akin?"
i logically said back to her...

So there i went ...Sm San Lazaro i even was late ....stupid traffic 
and what i saw really shock me 
it was a white lady ...smiling a plain short and t-shirt get up, maybe in her 30's
i really thought in my head it was some old rich lady who will scold me about 
how i should take care of my phone and how i should be grateful she found it ,
But it wasn't ...then i realized something 

The look on her eyes says it all ...she just want to bring the phone back
and there was no other intention or agenda's 
the only point there was ...was her kindness ...
she just didn't show me the odds of how many people will actually give your phone back
she showed me that our future is determined by the act of what we are doing today,
I mean how many phone can i have in the future ...? 10 , 20 , 30 ? 
But how many people are out there ...who's just like her...will do such kindness 

I mean i'm not even willing to say im that good of a person 
if i found a phone on the taxi ...ill probably leave it there and go on with my life
it's not that i don't wanna help 
it's just ...human instinct ...we rather go on and wash our hand 
than put our own fingerprint and be responsible to things that doesn't concern us.

But knowing of what just happen ,
it basically changes my life ...she just didn't give me my phone back 
she gave me a reason to say that we can change the future 
if we're willing to put our effort and even our heart in it ...

So to Ms Ina Salvilla of Tondo Manila ...Thank you ,
I really wish we could have chatted more but it was late 
I really wish i would have given you a better cake 
but from the bottom of everything inside of me ...I will forever owe and appreciate ^_^ 

You know what's ironic though ?
she gave me back something i lost 
and then i go to facebook and steal her picture
"Tao nga naman ..." hahaha

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Piece of Heaven

You can really have everything in this world ...
You can earn things with money can buy night...two night ... trophy wife ?
You can have fame...15 hour...
Fame is not a matter of if you can actually have it or not
it's a matter of how long can you keep it once you have it ...

So what are mortals problem ...Since we really know we can have everything in this world.
We yearn to things that aren't in this world ...
Why do we throw billions of money for space project
when we can just leave it at that ...
So what if there are aliens out there ...Would we finally Stop there ?
Of course not ...Humanity as we knows it will probably try to distinguish it
in a way to make life as more as it's complicated as it should be.

But what humans yearn probably a piece of heaven ...
Since we all know we can go to space ...there is only one place we can't go
And so people try to find a way to conjure any realization that once they died
they had an assurance of waking up there...sipping tea with the saints and the angels.

Yet when all things are said and done ...And mortality strives the imperfections of our souls
No Book...
No Testament...
No Group or Affiliation you belong to can secure you ...

It's just you and him ....
And what you have done
what you should have done
and are you willing to fight for everything you believe in 
or trade everything away just to have a piece of heaven ? 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Things i do on Halloween ...Give Candies to Kiddies

Last October 30th was the annual trick or treat 
of the kiddies of Baranggay Baretto Pandacan Manila ,
I maybe a frozen hearted kitty cat monster
But when it comes to this stuff ...I always do my part to help,
I always thought if we can just save the next generation ...
then there's hope for humanity...

Coz ya'll know where doomed ....Except Antartica though 

Someday imma buy an igloo there ...
and watch the destruction of earth 
inside my own igloo

"Those dumb bitches and there mansion in malibu"

So here are some kids who went on our house 
and give some old trick or treat spirit 

Let's open this post with this cute lady bug ,
I do prefer some red heels for the kiddo
Ballet school shoes are so generic nowadays

The middle one is my cousin 
The other two are her bestfriends
Don't worry they are just assisting the kids
No Candies for them 

This is my other cousin Kim dress as Princess fiona from Shrek 
She was Bum she didn't win ...
I told her that she can't win coz our family is the one organizing the whole thing
Even when i was a kid i still didn't win 
I would show you guys my old trick or treat photos but 
Hahahahaha ....Asa lang kayo 

The Two Drag queens are the judges
On the other side the one sipping is My ninang kagawad Heidi Santos
I really admire my ninang ...she always do her best 
For our Baranggay ...
I guess Awesomeness Runs in our Blood 

Great Shoes Girl ...

This girl may have won the best costume
for her recycled gown made from newspaper
But you know that male darna is serving up some 
major fierceness back there

"Ang tagal pala nito sana nagpamanicure muna ko"

"Taba ni Wolverine nouh"

"May shift pa ko mamaya sa aegis"

Don't mind Buzz Light year 
He's Just finding the "Special Effects Button" 

Gaara's Costume
Lady Gaga's Eyeliner

The New Ipod Throwing some tantrums
Nothing bought in divisoria ever works

Male Darna Serving Some Major Fiercess 
Round 2 

Male Darna All Grown Up!

Unidentified Fish Outside 

Boy in A cat Jumpsuit
I have nothing to do with that mess
i'm innocent i tell yah

Evil Queen ...fake mirror each sold seperately

That girl Also won best costume i think ...
Which was far fetch since obviously they just bought that 
Do you want to know my opinion of who should have won best costume?
More importantly

ALL TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!