Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The fucks i give...

Do you know what my worst nightmare is ? 

Waking up....being 30 years old ....and still not making my mark in history.

I mean whenever my teacher ask me what i will be in 5 years....
I told them that i'm gonna be famous....

and then they ask how about 10 years from now...
well i told them im gonna be a legend.

Sure it's funny...But im dead serious about that shit....dead serious.
Anyway here is the list of Highest paid stars under 30 years old and telling the world to fuck off.
The list is courtesy of forbes

Taylor Swift (22) [57 million]
*yeah i can't find a pic of her flipping the bird but here's a cool gangster pic lol

Justin Bieber (18) [55 million]

Rihanna (24) [53 Million]

Lady Gaga (26) [52 million]

Katy Perry (27) [45 Million]

Adele (24) [35 Million]

Kristen Stewart (22) [34 Million]

Lil Wayne (29) [27 Million]

Taylor Lautner (20) [26.5 Million]
*I really can't find a pic of him flipping it ...but i find these...it's fake tho :(

Robert Pattinson (26) [26.5 Million]

Unrelated Side Note :

I have like carve almost a kilo of avocado today ...I wonder what should i do with it.

A. The usual...Mash and put a milk in it.
B. Guacamole ( Always wanted to try and make one )
C. Leche Flan ( I smell an experiment! ) 

Yeah...Life of a regular normal person isn't that bad...
The littlest things can make you excited. 


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  1. haha im also scared of what im gonna be in the near future haha
    anyways those celebrities sure got a lot of money at early age no wonder why
    fame and money thats what i also want but the hardest to get maybe not unless im some king of a shit like bieber hoho sorry for the word