Friday, August 31, 2012

Positive plus Positive is still Positive.'s September ...

I've been 6 months "tambay mode" since my last work ....
for some reason tho i am not bothered like how i was bothered 3 months ago,
not that i like being a bum...
it's just i have came to terms that a job will come at it's time
and will present itself to me at it's peak.

I graduated last a job fast via accenture ...lasted 6 month
didn't renew the contract coz they try to put me on a call center shitty post
i wasn't born to be a call center agent (my work there was merely a data analyst)
i just get the job coz it was gonna be christmas ...

So at february i pack my bags ....drop my resignation letter and go back to my course (HRM)
Although i do miss accenture and i have learn a lot there (it's a great company)
i didn't regret it , my first post job opening was a casino dealer 
i pass the math test , the iq test , the american standard height test 
then at my final interview they called me and say i was underage 
(i was 19 at that time)

yet i was still happy and positive about that...
i mean i was 19 and i pass the pagcor test 
talk about awesome! ....
and right now after a lot of failures i'm still here standing and hoping ,

and still smiling ^_^ coz i know the best is yet to come
and i know someday i'm gonna rewrite history as we know it.

And DUh...if it wasn't for that i wouldn't have rebooted this blog
who is now in it's 4th month! i have 9 followers 
and 1000 plus pageviews 
i mean that's really something....

So maybe someday i'll do crazy and do a video like mecoy 
or sing for that sweetie tripster guy
who knows the end of the day i'm happy ...
and i promise no more rant , more quality and creative post.

Ok maybe a little rant from time to time,
i mean life is a bitch anyway
so yeah fuck everyone...
I'm just gonna do me ;) 

Happy september you guys! ^_^ 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have to share this article with you guys ,
Normally i don't care about what's happening to the philippines 
coz it's just full of bullshit 
but i read this one coz it was in new york times 
and nothing is better than reading american drama lol.

In the article ...miguel syjuco wrote about the hypocrisy in the Philippines is 
an awful one ...

Ok not that i'm saying tito sotto is wrong
nor am i saying the church is wrong 
but if you want my two cents 
Here's some facts...

The Philippines has 94 million people
we only have 7,107 islands ( i bet ung iba dyan mayroon ng may ari )
Im a graduate and i cant find a decent job 
and we have been living the same parliamentary system for what .....50 years

Why not try contraceptives ? divorce ? gay marriage ?
if it fails we can always revert it back to what it was to be ...
if we are always scared of trying things...
how can we evolve ? ships don't go to the other side without sailing right?

The point is i know why god decided
to make the Philippines an archipelago,
Coz we'll probably end up killing each other 
and i'm gonna be slapping every bitch who say condom and pills are like abortion.

Friday, August 24, 2012

As i lay me down ...heaven hear me meow.

List of upcoming albums this year ...

3 more days before Ora by rita ora come out 
Aug 27

Nelly furtado fly to new heights on the spirit indestructible
September 11

P!nk slams everybody with the truth about love.
Sept 18 

Brandi Reach for a 2012 comeback on two eleven
Oct 10 

Leona lewis's Glassheart aim to shatter our existence
Oct 12

Swifty trade her teenage sound and glossy lipgloss 
for a more mature tune and some fiery red lipsticks,
Oct 22

Neyo realize every dreams in R.E.D
October 31

Other artist who plans on releasing songs before the end of the world  this year.

Christina Aguilera 


One Direction

Alicia Keys 

Waiting for a recording deal to just magically appear...


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Da Deathwish...

It's a really beautiful day today
so let's discuss a very beautiful subject....


For some people ...they can cheat death.
Some people like me ...don't really have to worry about it ,
well if you can kill me 9 times then it should,

The point is ...sooner or later where all gonna be dead.
No Super man , No people power , No Barrack obama will be there to save us 
Be realistic ...if you're in an airplane and there's 20 passenger and 1 parachute

it will not be like this ...

"Ok calm down everyone...we're gonna die ...
let's just make a prayer rally and give the last parachute 
to the youngest of all to be fair since he/she haven't experience life yet" 

It will be like this ...


And of-course the ending of this will be...

Honestly i fear death ...well most of the part is,
i don't really wanna die without accomplishing something bigger than i ever imagine.
I mean look at all the old people grinning and waiting for death.
They're just sitting there like bastard coz they have accomplish what they wanna do.

"come at me death you little bitch" 

So knowing im just a human and death is still in my option of shit ...drives me crazy
So what better ways to do than to list my own "Death Wish" 

1. I wanna die differently...I want it one for the books!

That death bitch better not go all mainstream on me 
and let me die old , let me die on an airplane or a sinking ship
i want my death to be very original...something people will talk about forever.
And he better not copy my death
from any "final destination" movie coz i will be damn haunting him.

"I should have killed meowfie while he was just typing this" 

2. I wanna be Buried Differently...
Maybe as a mummy or frozen in Antartica 

Wouldn't it be cool if you have your own pyramid
or even your own secret lair and where your frozen in ice for thousand of ages ?
I sure would like it ...Don't worry ...I'll make sure it has free wifi hahahaha ;) 

3. I wanna die ...Happy.

I remember how my granddad died was very sad ...he died in a hospital
even though he was practically begging us to send him home.
and the funeral my aunt lost it ...literally...she almost put the passport in the coffin LOL
the thing is i remember my granddad as a happy man , full of life and wisdom

So seeing his death...all cheap in a rented place near the church where everyone
looks like a stereotypical scene from someone death was very heart aching for me.
My granddad live a very happy life 

"My handsome Grandad" 

Sure he wasn't rich ...but he was contented with what we have
and he taught me to be always happy with what life gave me,
I really do miss him....hahahaha now i got tears in my eyes.

Anyway I want my burial ceremony to be like a children's party ,
yup with balloons and clowns...sounds silly but it really represent what i really am.
Don't hate or else you don't get any party favors.
Oh and one more thing.

If you think i will wear a cheap barong on my burial you are out of your mind.
I want a full high class couture outfit designed only for me when i die.
Hey if i can't live forever ...
might as well give me my final wishes right? 

"Next on my list is Meowfie....Shit"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When a punch made sense

Rihanna my idol of all time has an interview with oprah
here is the site where i watch it :) 

It may be the most personal interview i have ever seen of her

she even utter the the word 

"trust oprah to make you cry" 

I suggest you watch it's the most amazing interview ever....
no neon wigs , no full on S&m costume's just two powerful women talking :)
anyway here are some of the things I've learned

Rihanna has to fake it to make it 

She said she was never really comfortable and confident as she is now
so before she just pretend she was ...i mean 
we're talking about someone who was exported like some fruit
from barbados to the u.s.a at the age of 16

i mean we're talking about a kid here that needs to be this superstar at a young age
in front of this foreigners...especially americans 

even i would be scared to death ...but she play it cool and ride along 
till she finally got her full on swag she's worth billions of dollars
the world sexiest female alive (honored by esquire) 
and don't forget ...she's the most downloaded artist...of all time.

 She also wants to let her fans knows that we are all people

and that she doesn't want them to know that she's above them 
and that she always try to put her feet in the ground.
and maybe her ass on her fans face ...(hey who wouldn't right ? ) 

Chris brown has a huge dick She still loves him

they're not gonna get back together or something ,
but in the interview it looks like CB really meant something to RiRi
and we are not the one to tell anything about that anymore.

Over all it make me say to myself that i was right for collecting her cd's 
and her magazine and looking up to her as a role model , 
( i don't have a huge collection , but i have a lot for her to sign lol )
and i will always admire her as an idol and as an artist.

now let's close this post with a song i love and oprah loves too

Rihanna is right ...
at the end of the say we are all just humans,
and we all want love :) 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bug a boo

I had a really fun time last sunday on my cousin's house
it's there fiesta ...

And they have bought an xbox!
now i know what i'm gonna buy first when i get a job lol
it was so fun dancing like no one was watching
well there was but who the fuck cares i'm playing an xbox

And im not bragging but
I even defeated my cousin workmate
who i think was a dance teacher of some sort ...
shame on her LOL

"this is one of the xbox games we played"

But i do notice one thing
the fiesta was very quiet ....literally 
there weren't even bandanas on the street 
it was just like a normal day passing by,

I hope it wasn't because of the habagat
now i feel bad of all the things that i said
that everyone was
but yeah what done is done ...we had fun
and it was over at 10 pm ...that's a first usually stops like 2 am LOL

so since we we're done at 10 pm
we had time to watch the x factor Philippines

Honestly i don't watch local television
i wouldn't even know if china drop a nuclear bomb at us
coz i'm too busy watching good morning america
and my show with kathie lee and hoda !

they are so adorable!
anyway yeah...i'm just watching x factor coz im a big fan of the franchise
one of my biggest dreams is to audition on x factor U.S.A

but yeah i am so not auditioning in this Philippines franchise ...
Kedebon....really ? it looks as if they're just exploiting him.
modesto taran ...really ? who the hell will buy his album
but the most unforgivable is that allen sta maria chick

and how she manage to be there when her audition piece
was a full copycat of cher llyod

Good job on training the filipinos to be copycat ...
even kc concepcion copies toni gonzaga's mannerism in being a host.
and let's just fucking say this
whoever charice stylist is ...

should definitely be fired.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Comeback or Comeflop ?

This Days...
Everybody loves a good comeback 

Mind you that avril lavigne and ciara have signed 
with L.A Reid (X factor judge) to well resurrect there career ...
If you don't know by now L.A is responsible to resurrect mariah's carey on 2005

and also considered a part of well rihanna and justin bieber 
consistent success through all this years

I wish i can work for him someday...HA!
But anyway while hollywood has it's glamour superstar side
it also has it's other " has been " "wer u at " side 
not wanting to fall on that side is singer brandy ...

If you forgot her like me...shes the other girl from "the boy is mine" 

Not like her other counterpart rnb singer on the 90's 
Brandy have carve her a nice path through television
being a judge on america's got talent
and also appearing on shows like 90210 and house 

And not like her other counterpart on the 90's
like monica and ashanti 
she has a longer wikipedia page
so you know she's doing good ...LOL

Anyway here is her new song ...featuring chris brown

And i hate to say this ...but i hate it ....
brandy look force here ...the only good thing here is 
chris brown is sexy as hell as a rapper ...

the video looks kids play 
the tune sounds so disposable 
and brandy looks like "desperate" rather than "chill" 

Ask willow smith if this song is dope ...she's probably say "no"

My point is 
If brandy wants a mariah carey /britney spears 
hell even a motherfucking kelly rowland comeback...
she have to do better than do what everyone else is doing ...
and better do it now till you have that record deal boo boo!