Monday, August 20, 2012

Bug a boo

I had a really fun time last sunday on my cousin's house
it's there fiesta ...

And they have bought an xbox!
now i know what i'm gonna buy first when i get a job lol
it was so fun dancing like no one was watching
well there was but who the fuck cares i'm playing an xbox

And im not bragging but
I even defeated my cousin workmate
who i think was a dance teacher of some sort ...
shame on her LOL

"this is one of the xbox games we played"

But i do notice one thing
the fiesta was very quiet ....literally 
there weren't even bandanas on the street 
it was just like a normal day passing by,

I hope it wasn't because of the habagat
now i feel bad of all the things that i said
that everyone was
but yeah what done is done ...we had fun
and it was over at 10 pm ...that's a first usually stops like 2 am LOL

so since we we're done at 10 pm
we had time to watch the x factor Philippines

Honestly i don't watch local television
i wouldn't even know if china drop a nuclear bomb at us
coz i'm too busy watching good morning america
and my show with kathie lee and hoda !

they are so adorable!
anyway yeah...i'm just watching x factor coz im a big fan of the franchise
one of my biggest dreams is to audition on x factor U.S.A

but yeah i am so not auditioning in this Philippines franchise ...
Kedebon....really ? it looks as if they're just exploiting him.
modesto taran ...really ? who the hell will buy his album
but the most unforgivable is that allen sta maria chick

and how she manage to be there when her audition piece
was a full copycat of cher llyod

Good job on training the filipinos to be copycat ...
even kc concepcion copies toni gonzaga's mannerism in being a host.
and let's just fucking say this
whoever charice stylist is ...

should definitely be fired.


  1. Nakakadiri nang tingnan si charice. I think I'll just close my eyes whenever she sings.

    Come to think of it, ano ang ginagawa ni charice beside legends and establish pop singers like Gary Valenciano, Martin Nieverra, and the Philippine Diva herself Pelita Corales? Don't tell me it's because of Oprah because that is really lame, my dear Charice....