Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I really don't want to jump bandwagons ...but this is funny

So here is elton john

He's someone famous .....sorry....i know this suck to say 
but i don't know any of his songs.....
but i'm sure i heard of it...I just don't know the title

Don't feel bad ...the same goes to beatles and other music legends
But don't worry ...even if i don't know them old songs 
i'm pretty sure our generation songs kick ass!

See what i mean ?

Ok back to the main issue ...so elton john is famous ...so is madonna ....
So in simple equation....when a famous person fights with a famous person...
They become relevant!

You know ...I really have a fear of getting old ....
Like if in the future i'm not important enough
im ok dying young ....
at least i can still see my face the way it was...

and let's admit that people who die young hurt the most 
(Amy winehouse , Marilyn Monroe ) {RIP}
but i think one of the perks of being old is 
you can do anything you want coz you haven't died yet

And no one will say shit about you ...
coz young people will look disrespectful hahaha...

So yeah....elton and madonna can basically
 fire nuclear missile to each other fortress
and no one will stop them .....
coz it will be very disrespectful :) 

Now i know there are still something to look forward on getting old 
Thanks sir elton and madam madge :) 

Let the bitchery continue!


  1. can't you feel tthe love tonight" i guess thats one of his song

  2. "Your Song" is perhaps Elton John's song that I really love.

    Anyway, fear of getting old? Hmmm... I used to think the same way when I was 16- young, energetic, horny and really sexually marketable. Hahahah!

    But looking back, I always say that thank God I am now smarter and a better person. I'm actually nearing 30, but i have no problems. I'm much more confident, got more resources, less horny, sexually responsible and more capable sexually (puro sex talaga ha! okay enough sex!), and I guess wiser, kahit every now and then may mortal na katangahan din akong nagagawa.

    But what I love about getting old is the fact that you get wiser and more confident. What I miss about youth is the passionate emotions. Right now, every action and choice that an adult makes is principally guided by rational thinking.

    I would like to live this phase of my life, now in my prime, with greater passion for things that I love, for the one that I love, and for the cause I want to fight. Ganyan kasi noon when I was a teenager.

    Sige na, i have to go, I'm commenting here as if I'm writing in my blog. hahaha!

    Oh by the way, ELTON JOHN IS RIGHT. Madonna is an overrated b*tch.