Friday, August 17, 2012

Comeback or Comeflop ?

This Days...
Everybody loves a good comeback 

Mind you that avril lavigne and ciara have signed 
with L.A Reid (X factor judge) to well resurrect there career ...
If you don't know by now L.A is responsible to resurrect mariah's carey on 2005

and also considered a part of well rihanna and justin bieber 
consistent success through all this years

I wish i can work for him someday...HA!
But anyway while hollywood has it's glamour superstar side
it also has it's other " has been " "wer u at " side 
not wanting to fall on that side is singer brandy ...

If you forgot her like me...shes the other girl from "the boy is mine" 

Not like her other counterpart rnb singer on the 90's 
Brandy have carve her a nice path through television
being a judge on america's got talent
and also appearing on shows like 90210 and house 

And not like her other counterpart on the 90's
like monica and ashanti 
she has a longer wikipedia page
so you know she's doing good ...LOL

Anyway here is her new song ...featuring chris brown

And i hate to say this ...but i hate it ....
brandy look force here ...the only good thing here is 
chris brown is sexy as hell as a rapper ...

the video looks kids play 
the tune sounds so disposable 
and brandy looks like "desperate" rather than "chill" 

Ask willow smith if this song is dope ...she's probably say "no"

My point is 
If brandy wants a mariah carey /britney spears 
hell even a motherfucking kelly rowland comeback...
she have to do better than do what everyone else is doing ...
and better do it now till you have that record deal boo boo!


  1. Great research Meowfie! ヅ
    You had me LOL'd about the "she has a longer wikipedia page" hahaha!!! ヅ

  2. it takes one great man to make a great come back huh
    i remember brandy as cinderella