Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Da Deathwish...

It's a really beautiful day today
so let's discuss a very beautiful subject....


For some people ...they can cheat death.
Some people like me ...don't really have to worry about it ,
well if you can kill me 9 times then it should,

The point is ...sooner or later where all gonna be dead.
No Super man , No people power , No Barrack obama will be there to save us 
Be realistic ...if you're in an airplane and there's 20 passenger and 1 parachute

it will not be like this ...

"Ok calm down everyone...we're gonna die ...
let's just make a prayer rally and give the last parachute 
to the youngest of all to be fair since he/she haven't experience life yet" 

It will be like this ...


And of-course the ending of this will be...

Honestly i fear death ...well most of the part is,
i don't really wanna die without accomplishing something bigger than i ever imagine.
I mean look at all the old people grinning and waiting for death.
They're just sitting there like bastard coz they have accomplish what they wanna do.

"come at me death you little bitch" 

So knowing im just a human and death is still in my option of shit ...drives me crazy
So what better ways to do than to list my own "Death Wish" 

1. I wanna die differently...I want it one for the books!

That death bitch better not go all mainstream on me 
and let me die old , let me die on an airplane or a sinking ship
i want my death to be very original...something people will talk about forever.
And he better not copy my death
from any "final destination" movie coz i will be damn haunting him.

"I should have killed meowfie while he was just typing this" 

2. I wanna be Buried Differently...
Maybe as a mummy or frozen in Antartica 

Wouldn't it be cool if you have your own pyramid
or even your own secret lair and where your frozen in ice for thousand of ages ?
I sure would like it ...Don't worry ...I'll make sure it has free wifi hahahaha ;) 

3. I wanna die ...Happy.

I remember how my granddad died was very sad ...he died in a hospital
even though he was practically begging us to send him home.
and the funeral my aunt lost it ...literally...she almost put the passport in the coffin LOL
the thing is i remember my granddad as a happy man , full of life and wisdom

So seeing his death...all cheap in a rented place near the church where everyone
looks like a stereotypical scene from someone death was very heart aching for me.
My granddad live a very happy life 

"My handsome Grandad" 

Sure he wasn't rich ...but he was contented with what we have
and he taught me to be always happy with what life gave me,
I really do miss him....hahahaha now i got tears in my eyes.

Anyway I want my burial ceremony to be like a children's party ,
yup with balloons and clowns...sounds silly but it really represent what i really am.
Don't hate or else you don't get any party favors.
Oh and one more thing.

If you think i will wear a cheap barong on my burial you are out of your mind.
I want a full high class couture outfit designed only for me when i die.
Hey if i can't live forever ...
might as well give me my final wishes right? 

"Next on my list is Meowfie....Shit"

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