Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Don't flop me now ?

So the X factor season 1 winner of the 5 million recording contract 
just released her new song...

"Don't fail me now " is a dance song ...
just like rihanna's hit that will make you find love in hopeless place,
amaro's song has a simple message 
(Please crack the hot 100 and don't flop) 
and an overly elaborate musical composition of dance beat
 ala guetta and much auto tune (which really wasn't needed)

But weirdly enough..It is very likable.
the only problem i see here is that all melanie did on x factor was to sing ballad,
so releasing a song like this can be very alienating.

oddly enough i really really like it...and with the right video for it...
it will hit number one ....would me and melanie break the non-believers?
We shall see...


I'm not really a melanie fan ...i was rooting for drew whateverherlastname 

but after this song ...i kinda now see why she did win...
and if l.a reid and simon cowell just put some of those personality pills in her drink,
we can definitely make her into a fusion of raven symone and sofia vergara
now that there are rumors they are making her thin first before doing anything with her.

Uhm rude much ?
let the girl eat...what good is a pepsi commercial
if she can't even drink one?

One word for her....R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

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  1. pepsi come out with new and fun commercial again huh elton's boots kinda gayish haha