Friday, August 31, 2012

Positive plus Positive is still Positive.'s September ...

I've been 6 months "tambay mode" since my last work ....
for some reason tho i am not bothered like how i was bothered 3 months ago,
not that i like being a bum...
it's just i have came to terms that a job will come at it's time
and will present itself to me at it's peak.

I graduated last a job fast via accenture ...lasted 6 month
didn't renew the contract coz they try to put me on a call center shitty post
i wasn't born to be a call center agent (my work there was merely a data analyst)
i just get the job coz it was gonna be christmas ...

So at february i pack my bags ....drop my resignation letter and go back to my course (HRM)
Although i do miss accenture and i have learn a lot there (it's a great company)
i didn't regret it , my first post job opening was a casino dealer 
i pass the math test , the iq test , the american standard height test 
then at my final interview they called me and say i was underage 
(i was 19 at that time)

yet i was still happy and positive about that...
i mean i was 19 and i pass the pagcor test 
talk about awesome! ....
and right now after a lot of failures i'm still here standing and hoping ,

and still smiling ^_^ coz i know the best is yet to come
and i know someday i'm gonna rewrite history as we know it.

And DUh...if it wasn't for that i wouldn't have rebooted this blog
who is now in it's 4th month! i have 9 followers 
and 1000 plus pageviews 
i mean that's really something....

So maybe someday i'll do crazy and do a video like mecoy 
or sing for that sweetie tripster guy
who knows the end of the day i'm happy ...
and i promise no more rant , more quality and creative post.

Ok maybe a little rant from time to time,
i mean life is a bitch anyway
so yeah fuck everyone...
I'm just gonna do me ;) 

Happy september you guys! ^_^ 


  1. be positive lng! wag aayaw! think positive! hihihi

  2. haha why don't you try? being crazy aint bad after all hahaa

  3. hahaha!!! ang kulet! tama si kulapitot! Always have positive outlook in life! ^◡^

    ang kyoot ng mga pusa! ^◡^

  4. your still young pa naman at sana makahanap ka din ng isang work na magiging happy ka

  5. Naks, special mention talaga ako. I feel like i got a Grammy Award. hahaha! If you're good on ranting, go! Why write something that's so not you?

    And while you've got lots of time, try enjoying that piece of life. Kasi kapag may trabaho ka na, wala ka nang time. It would feel like you're living just to work, when it should be the other way around.

    While you have lots of free time, try developing some skills other than ranting, or learn something new, di ba?

    By the way, I love your