Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I had a job interview today .....
Guess what ....

"Side note : Mysterious skin was a great movie by the way LOL "

Anyway as usual .. i didn't get it ....
Fed up with all this shit 
i ask the hr why ?
Coz there were 9 people , i was the only one who didn't get the job :( 

He ask me if i want the honest truth
and i said yes....
he said ....that i lack "maturity"

and that i wasn't confident enough ...
( i was applying for a tour guide at abs cbn LOL ) 
and that i was soft spoken and rather well yeah....
I seriously look like this while talking to him 

And even though i hate him for hating my jacket ...
it was a long story
i guess he's right 

Truthfully my honest problem is ...
i can't find the balance 
of how to act an adult and kid at the same time
of how to act funny yet respectable
and how to distinguish what is real and what is fake.

and i always kinda blame things (not purposely) 
ok maybe sometimes purposely
when in the end ...i really need to blame myself .

I honestly don't know what to do ...
I know i am very dramatic for this so forgive me lol
but i guess there's nothing left here but to keep moving forward.

I'm gonna leave this post with something i find today ...

EDIT : I stole it from, this site lol 

As funny as it is is the truth ....
hopefully i finally grow the fuck up before i really hit my rock bottom.

Goodnite ♥


  1. Reminds me of an incident that happened years ago when I tried to set up an interview with the Consul General of the Philippine Embassy to ROme. They laughed at me. Grabe!

    My uncle just let me be. He said I need painful experiences to learn. You know, you live, you learn. Kinda like Alanis Morissette's song, very inspiring.

    But anyway, maturity comes in time. Forced maturity spoils the fruit. Your time will come. you will realize that it is more fun being a young adult than being just a youth. I can guarantee that.

  2. a lil acknowledgement from where you get it would be much appreciated