Thursday, August 9, 2012

See what i did here : Marvel Avenger Ultimate Alliance 2 Game Review

Now that everything is back to normal.....
whatever "normal" means nowadays....

So i decided to make a game review of Marvel Avengers : Ultimate Alliance 2
I mean i just play psp all rainy day ...
why not write about it like it's a summer book report? 

Note i just play it on psp ....i don't have xbox 
i heard on xbox you can download additional characters like juggernaut and magneto
Oh how i wish i have an xbox...
if only wishing works like that...

Anyway i don't really wanna play this game at first ...
i mean the graphics kinda sucks,
compare to the other games on my psp (dissdia 012 , tenkshin , assasin's creed ) 
it really majorly suck ass 

Okay let's go to Pro's and Con's

-it has a lot of bugs 
                    -fusion doesn't always go as plan 
                    -your hero are always stuck up and looks like puppies following you
                    -it's the first game i played my psp black out / lag and need to be restarted 

-the costumes and graphics were kinda lame and generic 
-It really wasn't that hard ...

-Every marvel bitch is there 

(well i'm not really a marvel geek but there's so many peeps 
in this game i lost count so that's a good sign right? ) 

-The "fusion" aspect was kinda awesome ...
-the story wasn't half bad was believable.

Let's take about the heroes 

Worst Heroes : 

Every girl hero was lame here (except invisible woman) 
-Storm wasn't powerful is jean grey 

"why do we look lame in this game" 

They even made psylocke look lame ...

Yeah that cosplay asian girl was better than the one in the game
the other girls in the game marvel and songbird...whoever the hell they are 
were lame too ...

oh and blackwidow also appear on the game ....
too bad she wasn't playable
her design honestly looks better ...not as hot as scarjo but yeah

Who can be hotter than scarlett johanson ? 


Yeah who? 
anyway i don't know this guy ...i'm so glad i didn't....he sucks!
it's like he have two identity ...imagine jean grey and phoenix but lamer 

Penance first hero name was speedball and he decided to be a villain and become penance
and now he's back to the good side and he's still wearing that horrid S&M Costume 

Anyway ...


Thank you for at least making invisible woman decent in this game !
IF you want to finish this game quick and without being defeated ...
pick her on your team (you can choose four heroes btw) 
Not just because she has unlimited energy 
i mean she has force field , telekinesis , invisibility

You can honestly win that game without anyone but her 
I mean fergie can survive without the black eyed peas right ? 

She needs to make a solo album again TBH.


I don't know him either but  he stole the spotlight in this game 
With his ability of unlimited stuns and grenade we're very useful
but what won me over was his funny one liner joke 
seriously ryan reynold play him on x-men origin ? i can't remember lol 

The abs we're great ...but we need to spread humor in it 
when he reprise the role on the next wolverine movie...

Honorable Heroes 

Captain America and Human Torch is there Btw ...
On screen it is played by one of my favorite actor of all time 

Seriously good looks,good acting skills ,,,GREAT BODY 

He also is a gay advocate for gay marriage ...
large part of it coz his actor young brother scott evans is gay too 

Oh and thor is in the game too !

and his young brother liam stars in the hunger games 
and already engaged to gay right advocate miley cyrus 

Seriously the evans and the hemsworth have good genes 

Damn you D.N.A
But yeah let's wrap this up 

Overall this are the thing you should know ....
The story was great 
The graphics was horrible 
Some of the heroes were decent
Some we're just fillers 

It's basically a psp game we will not remember in the future ...
or till the next avengers movie 
But it's not as bad to rate is as horrible,
Let's just say it was 



  1. i just love marvel and anything related to it well the first time i recognize chris was on the fantastic four i envied his body there but when capt.were release son of a Bitch I actually wished the machine used to him there were for real haha

  2. I played it and after a few minutes, I just deleted it. I'm not a hack and slash type of a guy.

    About X-men... My one and only favorite is Magik !

    Why did you forgot to mention KITTY PRIDE ?

    1. Kitty Pride wasn't in the game ...but sure would be awesome!