Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Third in a row

Whoa...I'm on a roll today

After a new single from melanie amaro and a new video from justin b,
here comes the roman nicki zolanski minajah or whatever her name now is.

First ..the song is good 

Second ...the video is hot..

Third...I don't really see nicki minaj as an artist nor a singer ,
for me she's like a magician...she always has new tricks in her sleeves ...
very interesting but at the same time very polarizing if exposed too much.

By the way ...where is K3$ha ? LOL 

Don't take too much vacation girl ...
if there's one thing i've observed in hollywood,
people there are always there to take your place like...

Carly rae jepsen

Rita Ora

Jessie J

List of people who take too much vacation...



Stacie Orrico


Teairra mari 

Which makes me wonder ...
Do celebrities get paid on vacation ? 


1 comment:

  1. hoho i always love nicki
    well i actually dont know those artist on the last