Thursday, August 16, 2012

Top ten Songs you listen when you hit rock bottom

I'm scared my post views are now 666 LOL

I'm honestly getting better with this blogging thingy ...
i remember my past blog that i deleted ,
it has like only 400 views and just 7 followers im on 8...hahahaha

"Who's bad ? " 

Anyway after some chicken joy and some good music
I'm back on my feet
like the bad bitch i am 
so it's time for a countdown of the baddest of the bad songs ...

If ever you hit rock bottom....try listening to this songs....
I'm pretty sure you'll bounce back to life :) 

10 . Now I'm that Bitch - Livvi Franc Feat Pitbull 

Lyrics :

Cause now Im that bitch,
Youll never get to uh,
Cant get what you want, so youre acting like a punk.
You were too fly then, so fly away now.
Now Im that bitch, and youre just a clown.

Why is it on my top ten ? 

Sure it's a little slutty ...But admit it ,
In a world where everyone wanna be taylor swift and adele 
and where sarah geronimo never change her good girl image
which is kinda ridiculous coz she uhm 24 or something? 

It's good to be the baddest bitch in town . 

9 . Thank You - Michelle Williams 

Lyrics : 

I wanna thank you...For staying out late all the timeWhile you were out getting yours,Boy I was getting mine
Why is it on my top ten ? 
Some peeps like cee lo green brash there lovers "fuck you" .The underrated michelle of DC stay classy on this cool record.And just like what oprah said 
"Forgiveness is giving up the hope the you can change the things in the past" 
8. Beyonce - Irreplaceable 

Lyrics : 
" You must not know 'bout me
You must not know 'bout me

I could have another you in a minute
Matter fact, he'll be here in a minute (baby) " 

Why is it on my top ten ? 
It's bad enough to be materialistic ,It's worst to think you're irreplaceablewith neyo's songwriting skills and beyonce harsh deliverythis song save B'day from going the direction of her album 4 .
and it also reminds us that humans are tangible,they did replace astronauts with monkeys right ? 
7. I'm Dat Chick - Kelly Rowland 

Lyrics : 
Yeah I be the one that they love mention, 
I Tell 'em keep on talking, 
Cause i love the attention, 

Why is it on my top ten ? 

If this song was released on the same day of mean girls,
I'm pretty sure it would be there anthem ,
Sure there's a fine line between confidence and cockiness
but it's better to have one than none.

6. Survivor - Destiny's Child

Lyrics : 

You thought that I'd be stressed without you 
But I'm chillin' 
You thought I wouldn't sell without you 
I Sold millions 

Why is it on my top ten ?  

Beyonce , Kelly and Michelle as individual artist have there own strengths 
But together they become an untouchable force of empowerment...
And no matter what,
Haters will always will be there unless you die 
So just remember this simple acronym.


5. Taken - One Direction 

Lyrics :

You think I'm doing this to make you jealous,
And I know that you hate to hear this 
But this is not about you anymore...

Why is it on my top ten ?  

The reasons there isn't a lot of guy songs on my list.
It's because instead of admitting they fail and hit there lowest
they rather pull out women and money and brag it

Good things this young lads know better 
You don't really need to throw money and pop champagne 
to get revenge from your ex
simply letting him/her see you move on is good enough.

4. I'm Here - Angelea Preston 

Lyrics :

"You know sometimes....
I hate being misunderstood
But at the end of the day ..
I don't care what my haters gotta say,
I'm still that bitch ! " 

Why is it on my top ten ?  

Tyra and her company may have disqualify her 
damn just look at the video , 
she looks like she was being held there against her will
but after all it is said and done ,
Angelea thought me a valuable lesson in life ...

Life is a bitch....Might as well have the baddest one LOL

3.Fighter - Christina Aguillera 

Lyrics :

I am a fighter baby...
I ain't gonna stop
There is no turning back
I've had enough!

Why is it on my top ten ?  

Denial isn't really a good place to start if you have fallen down ,
start accepting things and start saying hey , i'm still fucking alive 
i still can do this ...
and let's just admit the fact that

Your doubt and fears in life will never go away 
till you finally have the courage to face it.

2. Since you've been gone - Kelly Clarkson 

Lyrics :

But since you been gone
I can breathe for the first time
Im so movin on
Yeah yeah
Thanks to you
Now I get
What I want
Since you been gone

Why is it on my top ten ?  

Finally quit that bitch who made your life miserable ? 
Then fucking celebrate!
The whole world will never ran out of there opinion
but just like kelly clarkson
you can always ran out of fucks to give...

1. I'm Awesome - Spose 

Lyrics :

Every lyrics in this song is a masterpiece 

Why is it number one ?  

Because it would be a mortal sin if it wasn't number one ...
when i was making this list...
this song struck my mind out of nowhere
and i knew from the first 10 seconds this should go on top.

The point is no one can ever win all of the time ,
if it does then every reality show would be bankrupt 
and it's not about drowning yourself to the failure of what you are now,
but raising your head up high and realizing 
that awesomeness isn't on the things you don't have
it's on those things that you have and only you have.

And someday your life will flash before your eyes ...
and no one will be there to watch it except you,
So start living your life like your own movie 
and be the star you always wanted to be :) 

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