Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have to share this article with you guys ,
Normally i don't care about what's happening to the philippines 
coz it's just full of bullshit 
but i read this one coz it was in new york times 
and nothing is better than reading american drama lol.

In the article ...miguel syjuco wrote about the hypocrisy in the Philippines is 
an awful one ...

Ok not that i'm saying tito sotto is wrong
nor am i saying the church is wrong 
but if you want my two cents 
Here's some facts...

The Philippines has 94 million people
we only have 7,107 islands ( i bet ung iba dyan mayroon ng may ari )
Im a graduate and i cant find a decent job 
and we have been living the same parliamentary system for what .....50 years

Why not try contraceptives ? divorce ? gay marriage ?
if it fails we can always revert it back to what it was to be ...
if we are always scared of trying things...
how can we evolve ? ships don't go to the other side without sailing right?

The point is i know why god decided
to make the Philippines an archipelago,
Coz we'll probably end up killing each other 
and i'm gonna be slapping every bitch who say condom and pills are like abortion.


  1. hahaha! I'm gonna tweet the last part. Galeng mo talaga!

    And as Jessica Zafra said, "We are a nation of drama queens."

    And as for policies and laws, you really have to understand that it's never easy to introduce changes and reforms, and it's unthinkable that if something doesn't work well, we should immediately take it back. That's not how it works, and that's not how things should work.

    In cases like these, we must contemplate long-term policies that would have lasting and effective effect. We can "correct" mistakes and be effective in that, but drastic changes would mean anarchy in our judiciary and political system, and even in our social philosophy.

    Hay nako, here I am again, with my long lectures. Sige na, have a nice day! Hope you find a job that fits you!

    1. Follow me on twitter ....It's "Meowfie" hahahaha ;)