Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Well done...

I wanna be a popstar someday...

Don't worry i finish college when i was 18...i already have my back up plan
it's better to have a dream (Supreme ruler of the world)
....a back up plan (College degree)
and an aftermath plan...In case one of the other things fail in your life...

The world is full of mysteries of them are popstars and celebrities
they live for the moment and breathe for those 15 seconds of fame.
It's just a matter of how they juggle everything all together 
to make it last or even make it work for them.

"As long as you love me"
I don't know what number single that is from justin bieber is a dubsstep song ...
It sounds as if britney spears "femme fetale" album make out with justin timberlake " justified"
Dubstep , hot moves , perfect hair blown aesthetics ...
with big sean promptin up a cameo and a line such as,

"I'll be your hova, you can be my destiny's child on a stinger " 

It's a recipe for success for the biebs ....and i don't even know what a hova is ? 
I'll just quote what one of my gay friend said about this video.

"How the hell did he became hot?!"


  1. i used of dreaming too much way beyond my capacity to the point i thought it was for real haha

  2. I think I'll never be in the entertainment business of the beautiful. I'm more of an individual who dwells in the pleasure of watching people from showbiz of the ugly- POLITICS. Hehehe!

    When I was a child, I used to dream of becoming the first Filipino Pope. Bata pa eh, i still haven't thought about sex at the time. When I grew older, I wanted to rule the world. Since my favourite author Jessica Zafra would want to rule the universe, I think I'll be satisfied to become a mere viceroy of Her Imperial Highness Zafra. Hehehe...

    Okay I'm rambling now. The thing is, most of the pop icons today are mere creation of some smart-ass. They're so over-rated and don't have real talent. It has always been the same case before but today, everyone practically becomes a star and is being sold as an important icon even though he has nothing to offer but mediocrity, promiscuity, and stupidity which is practically shared by almost every human being in this planet.

    That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    1. I agree that in our industry today....70 % are pure acts

      But you gotta admit that even if it's all just an act the kardashian...they still know how to juggle it as if there tv show is just there real normal life.

      It's very interesting and intriguing :)