Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When a punch made sense

Rihanna my idol of all time has an interview with oprah
here is the site where i watch it :) 

It may be the most personal interview i have ever seen of her

she even utter the the word 

"trust oprah to make you cry" 

I suggest you watch it ...it's the most amazing interview ever....
no neon wigs , no full on S&m costume ...it's just two powerful women talking :)
anyway here are some of the things I've learned

Rihanna has to fake it to make it 

She said she was never really comfortable and confident as she is now
so before she just pretend she was ...i mean 
we're talking about someone who was exported like some fruit
from barbados to the u.s.a at the age of 16

i mean we're talking about a kid here that needs to be this superstar at a young age
in front of this foreigners...especially americans 

even i would be scared to death ...but she play it cool and ride along 
till she finally got her full on swag ...now she's worth billions of dollars
the world sexiest female alive (honored by esquire) 
and don't forget ...she's the most downloaded artist...of all time.

 She also wants to let her fans knows that we are all people

and that she doesn't want them to know that she's above them 
and that she always try to put her feet in the ground.
and maybe her ass on her fans face ...(hey who wouldn't right ? ) 

Chris brown has a huge dick She still loves him

they're not gonna get back together or something ,
but in the interview it looks like CB really meant something to RiRi
and we are not the one to tell anything about that anymore.

Over all it make me say to myself that i was right for collecting her cd's 
and her magazine and looking up to her as a role model , 
( i don't have a huge collection , but i have a lot for her to sign lol )
and i will always admire her as an idol and as an artist.

now let's close this post with a song i love and oprah loves too

Rihanna is right ...
at the end of the say we are all just humans,
and we all want love :) 

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  1. i love rihanna she's also one of my favorite