Friday, September 28, 2012

Ciara is Forgiven and Nelly Furtado is Spirit Indesfloppable.

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned,
 so as to have the life that is waiting for us. 
The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. -” 
― Joseph Campbell

Ciara has a new song slated for her comeback entitled "Sorry"

Let me tell you something about ciara ...she started with goodies 

after telling everyone you can't get her cookie coz it's stayin' on the jar
Ciara evolves to a classy woman 
and she released my fave song "Like a boy" from her 2nd album "Evolution"

After that ...I think panic strike ....ciara's counterpart 
rihanna and beyonce leaves the whole Rnb Field 
and started to Go mainstream pop
So ciara decided to try that too...
case in point ....the forgotten song "Go girl" and her alter ego CeCe

After that song fail to go anywhere else but japan
she started to panic ....what do you do ? 
Call in Mr Timberlake 

Although this song really cross ciara in the pop field 
she does look a little bit of a "Sell out " here
so in her fourth album she tried to go back to the RnB
and that's where things start to get a little bit ....floppy ?

Her fourth album "Basic Instinct" open at Number 44 on the billboard chart 
what makes it painful is that her last three album was on the top 3 
Furthermore when your an rnb gal and suddenly decided to be a pop princess 
things can't really always go out the way you plan ...

Now Ciara is back.....Literally and sonically 
after signing in with a new label (she's with L.A reid now) 
She ditches the pop star look and go back to where she was known for
Dancing , Crunking and carrying falsetto

With all that has happen to her it's nice to even see her shed tears here
begging her man to say "all he need to say is Sorry" 
Almost as if ciara is the one asking forgiveness for the apology of his partner
It's a great track....Welcome back!

Although I can't say the same to Nelly Furtado 

Not like Ciara ...nelly started very whole some
singing as if she was rapunzel and how she's like a bird 
Then a strike of pop/rnb/timbaland Lightning appears 

BAM! ...Nelly become that promiscuous girl ...
after hooking up with timbaland 
and enjoying success 
she decided to take a 6 year break ( An spanish album does not count as somethin')

She first tried to claw her way back with this indie "Hoops"
tho it sounded like rihanna 
it was as if an annoying puppy was getting fixed here 

Panic strike she decided to release the best track of  the album
title "Spirit indestructable" from the album of the same name
it was good was still floppish

I'm pretty sure Nelly and her label is in "State of emergency"
they just released a video that look really expensive 
with the song titled "Parking Lot" 
They even taped Ray kay as the video director (super expensive)
He's the guy responsible for justin bieber's baby

But...The future was inevitable 
Nelly furtado Flop so hard 
Kelly rowland laugh

And not just kelly rowland 
Michelle williams of destiny's child laugh too 

No offense but michelle RnB album (she's a gospel artist) 
sold 14,618 and charting number 42 on the charts with no promotion at all 
Nelly who has a number one Rnb album (Loose) 
sold less than half of what michelle has 
and charted at number 79 

So what was wrong with nelly ...clearly it wasn't promotional
she was everywhere and it looks like her label really drop cash on this one.
I'm gonna guess after listening to all the songs ...all of them we're "weird"
not even "it's so weird it's genius"
it's just outdated , trashy ,floppy , why does she have a record deal weird.


  1. honestly? i dont know her actually i only knew few those who were really famous anyways love that quote from joseph

  2. Nelly flopped. Maybe because she always does that Gangnam Style part in her concerts in Manila. hahaha!

    You know what? You can write for a society page or for a magazine. Do you write for a magazine?

    1. Oh god i heard that one that she did gangnam style ...
      she really did sunk low

      And no i don't write for a magazine ....I wish tho'