Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Diamonds are Rihanna's bestfriend.

Rihanna has been the pick songstress of everyone can't lie to me 
i'm pretty sure 90% of people who have ipod has a rihanna song in it.
she has been the chameleon goddess able to shift from hip hop/pop/rnb/dance
whether katy perry is too pop for you
or lady gaga is to eccentric for your taste
when it comes to rihanna ...she is the undisputed fine line of it all.

"Diamonds" is the new song from her 7th album in 8 years
yes rihanna may always party hard but she works hard that much 
it's produce by stargate and sia 
sia is an australian popstar who sang on hits like "titanium" and "wild ones" 

enough about the history of the song ...let's focus on the song itself
see....rihanna has made dance,pop,rave,reggae,dark,ballad
name it ....she's done it 
so it's basically a logically good reason to do something she never done before

The song has a positive message in it into an uplifting back beats 
almost as if she's trying to summon an ancestral phoenix 
well i have to say i like the song
yet some critics blast it ....uhm i remember last year they blast riri
for "we found love" for no having lyrics at all 
yet it was no.1 in all countries...

I guess the real issue here is not if rihanna can make a hit song 
or is Diamond a hit song ...
but how long will rihanna be number one ?

everyone is waiting for her to fuck up and melt down like the star that she is 
and with the constant tweeting about chris brown and strippers in vegas 
riri is just adding more fuel to her flaming world.

With that said ...i think no one should predict riri' future
just like what she said on oprah , she still is a "working progress"
and it's not our business to fiddle in her artistry,
just like the dark days she had when she was bleeding from chris brown punch
she will always find a way to shine back to the spotlight....

Like a diamond.


  1. I love Rihanna's edgy style and like some of her songs but I'm still a die-hard Taylor Swift fan! hehehe! ヅ