Saturday, September 8, 2012


So i'm really week is the second season of the X factor USA 

And i mean who wouldn't be excited ? 

From the teaser itself's as if "It's britney bitch" is werking it! 
and i really admire her and how americans support her through 15 years !
she's been up and down and head shaved but they never gave up on her...
not like change your hair and BAM!

Moving on ...
There's really one problem on x factor premiere....
it will coincide with "The Voice" 

The voice who not like idol or x factor 
doesn't really care about grooming a superstar
it's honestly just a singing competition ....which is refreshing ...
but yeah...still team x factor!
but there's honestly one little problem....

Studio 23 airs the voice and the x factor .....
so i don't know how the hell it will work out ,
and apparently uncle simon (LOL) said that him and NBC 
had a "gentleman's agreement" to not put the same show in the same time slot.

But we all know everyone loves that network tv rating drama bonanza ...
so i guess NBC decided not just to put the voice season 3 on the same time slot ....
the voice has now 3 days (Mon - wed ) while the x factor has 2 days ( wed - thurs) 
which i am pretty sure might dug up the rivalry of britney and christina .

So many questions ....!
i haven't even found if studio 23 will air the same show or just one!
My head is exploding ....OMG
I guess just like everyone else ...

I just have to wait... O.o


  1. im not much of a fan but i like britney but not morethan cristina and im not that excited in other singing contest as much as idol

  2. ako din american idol .. pero i watched this also