Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey i just met you...Achoo....Cough Cough Cough

Ugh...i'm sick today....

I hate being sick ...it's the worst thing ever ...
my brain cells always overreact
and send a message "OMG I'M GONNA DIE"
in every side of my brain,

"Im gonna die OMG"

But yeah here is the what is going on the music biz today...

The reigning queen Rihanna will drop her new song "diamonds" this week,
the cover art looks like diamonds are riri's drugs

"Another year , Another hit record bitches" 

Oh and ke$ha release a new song ..."die young" from her "warrior" album

It's ok ...it sounds like a hit 
just like Pink's "Blow me (One last kiss)"
it surely won't flop
but...in today's music...do we really need hit songs?

I mean the biggest smash of the year were indie music
from fun "we are young"
to gotye "somebody that i used to know"
why capitalize on generic pop formulaic
when you can venture in something more ...creative ?

Last not but the least is one direction
with "live while we're young"
Damn....is the world really gonna end or something 
the anthem of these new music releases are scary 
might as well release a song "world i'm gonna miss you"

As for the song ....it's ok
i don't know maybe i'm just sick 
and pop songs aren't really great as medicines...

but they do make great meme's


  1. nice kesha is back haha get well soon pusa

  2. This is too much pop music for me. Sorry meowfie, I'm a jologs. I know will disappoint you sooner or later. hehehe...

    Hope you're okay now. It's been quite sometime. I followed you on twitter, see. Flirt lang. hahaha!

    Nice ending though, I got Alzheimer's... Hey i just met you... hahahaha!

    1. Oh tripster guy ....
      you can't disappoint me even if you try ;)