Saturday, September 8, 2012

I got a coupon today ...It reads "Tell people what to do , Get extra credit in heaven "

In my blog i review everything , games ,music even award show and nonsense
so today i'm gonna be doing my first book review.

I know I know it's old ....but hey's honestly one of the greatest piece ever written.
See The writer of this also write tuesdays with morrie 
i read that book on 2007 when my cousin lend it to me (she's now a nun)
and now i saw my friend have it so i decided to borrow it from her.

" The Author Mitch Albom "

The story is about eddie old man who works at a carnival ,
He died while saving a girl's life ...
And it also talks about what we always wonder 
Especially old people,

In today's society ..
it is in fact that everyone from everyone is trying to get to heaven,

I mean people are memorizing the bible as if when you die ,and when you go there 
you'd probably be greeted by angels with "Heaven application form " 
then you will get a periodical exam of every verse in the bible 
and then get interviewed by the twelve apostle ,
asking you question such as ...

-What is the best religion of all time ?
-Are you friend or related to atheist ? 
-Do you hate gay people ? 
-Heaven References 
(They will ask you who among the people you know are in heaven,you better get that cellphone number of your priest if you wanna get in boo boo's)

You probably should be careful with the last one too ...haha
Anyway before it was just about being good ...
but now ...nothing is good enough anymore,
Being good means 
sticking your ass to everyone's business and telling them what to do.
So you can get a free harp and some feathered wings 
and a lifetime supply of martha stewart and Dr. Phil Tv shows 

But back to the book ...the power of creativity that lies with mitch albom is amazing,
here it was quoted that heaven isn't what people think , 
that it's a cloudy forest where everyone is naked but no sex coz jesus is judging you.
heaven is what you want it to be , whether it's a bar ,your home 
or even just a sofa watching your favorite T.V show (hope they have cable) 
Heaven is a place where your comfortable , calm and possibly can rest for eternity . 

Hmmmm....So i want my heaven to be like my own planet.
i always desire to have my own planet, something that looks like the moon! 
i want it to be cold dark yet has a lot of shining stars 
and probably a carnival , a game center and wi-fi couldn't hurt ? 

But honestly ...I'm ok to not go to heaven's probably my young thinking 
but i don't know ...if i don't deserve it then i'm cool with it ...
I kinda wanna like the sound of purgatory 
Heaven and hell are too mainstream for me anyway ...LOL 

But back to the book is honestly a must read teaches us a valuable lesson .
that never expect things and let destiny handle it ...
and for the most part it also made me realize 
who will probably be the 5 people i will meet in heaven.

Note : In the book ....the five people eddie meet are people 
whom you'd probably say "You'll never believe who i just bump in heaven"
It can be a random co worker from recent past 
someone you don't know but had a connection with you 
and a mysterious person whom all your question will be answered.

It also show that we are all humans...
and in a way....we are all connected to each other .
So if ever i will be one of the person you meet in heaven,

It's my planet...
You can use the wi-fi but that's about it hahaha....



  1. i've read that book, 4-5 years ago.. ;)
    he died on his birthday. aw. :(

  2. Interesting book, though I wouldn't consider his views acceptable. Yes, with all the rants and bad-mouthing i do in my blog, I'm actually a conservative protestant. IN other words an honest hypocrite. Hehehe!

    I always feel compelled to adhere to the orthodox doctrines i've learned. You wouldn't believe this but I actually studied theology but I wasn't able to finish my course because I had too much fun after school. Hahaha!

  3. to be in heaven or not is something I seldom thought well I guess doing good things must not rely on that coz that will be unpure and if there' really a life after death, heaven and hell let it be
    i also don't think memorizing the bible would bring you to heaven