Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If it hurts ...it's love

I've been blogging everyday now ,
something tells me i'm getting addicted...

Yesterday i blog about rihanna's new tattoo ....
well guess who have just sported a new tattoo as well ...

 Personally ...it look like a zombie drag queen to me 

But people think it's rihanna ...

I don't know what the fuss about...i mean...they kiss at the VMA!

Well...you know what they say ...

LOL joke ...i know that was a cheap shot ...sorry
by the way she's releasing a new single next week

7 years ....7 cd's ...that rihanna reign just won't let up ?



  1. haha funny tattoo bad chris brown i hate him ever since what he did with rihanna

  2. I don't know what Rihanna found in Chris Brown and I don't even know why I'm so affected by this issue that I really had to comment on this one. Hahaha!

    I don't dig pop music or rnb that much. It's rock music, opera, or classic jazz and blues. Maybe because I'm really getting old. Kahit noong bata pa ako hindi ako masyadong mahilig sa celebrities. Politicians lang, even now. Parang matanda daw ako mag-isip. Tapos ngayon sasabihin nila, matanda na ako pero parang bata mag-isip. Ganon? Hehehe... wala, epal lang.