Friday, September 28, 2012

Lesson of the day ; Don't Doubt Christina Aguilera

I always have doubted Christina Aguilera
I mean from her "dirrty" era's almost as if she always second guess herself
and after the major flop bomb "Bionic"
i always thought can she manage to redeem herself ? 

"They're giving it for free!"

But I think i just bite my tongue with that last sentence 

"Your Body " (i heard the original title was fuck your body) is her new single 
from the album that shall be named ....Lotus.
The song is ok when i first hear it 
i mean i wasn't thrilled that's why i didn't blog it
but the video is a well done piece of juicy steak 

Christina plays a hooker ...not just any hooker 
she's a killer hooker those blackwidow spider
after they have sex with you they'll eventually kill you
but in the video she make it looks like she has superpowers of some sort
and she had a lot of fun doing it it was just another day in the office.

Taking out one basic bitch a fucking time.


  1. nice i love so much i think this new song was way better than her last haha
    that lst pic was funny haha
    love the music video as well cristina go pink haha

  2. Christina CAN sing. Unlike Britney. I'm not really so much into pop music but I like pop singers who can actually sing. And Christina's one of them. And how could they put Adele and Gaga in that car in the last pic?! THEY ARE REAL MUSIC ARTISTS.