Wednesday, September 19, 2012

RIP : Top 25 Shows that shape my childhood.

I've been working on this draft for uhm ....a week now ...seriously

But yeah ...
For some reason i need to blog this ...
i have been having this idea for a while
so i consider to take this draft post and make it come to life

so yeah ...warning...HUGE ASS LIST AHEAD OKAY
i got honestly inspired by "totally spies" and "spongebob"
and how they are still running and not cancelled.

Is it me or does mandy is so underrated as a villain ?
i mean she's a bad bitch ...she was here before "mean girls" rip her off
i should totally make a list of Cartoon Villains
but for now here is the list of cartoons we all missed,
Whether they have been ended , cancelled or just disappear ...
let's take a trip back to memory lane ...

Shall we ?

25. The Amanda Show (1999 - 2002 )

Before i was watching SNL ...i was watching the amanda show
with it's original sketch and amanda bynes superior acting ability
i always thought she and lindsay lohan (who was also amazing at that time)
was gonna rule the world after there teenage years.

Flash Forward today ...well...they're still in the news....bad news that is.
I mean i really hope they pull this one through ...coz they are amazing actresses.
Same goes to Macaulay Culkin

They gave us a lot of laughs when they were a kid ...
So it's not right to laugh at them now.

24. American Dragon (2005 - 2007)

Half asian / Half American ...Pure coolness was sad that it only got two seasons.
For some reason i think jake long will grow up really hot.

See what i mean ?

23. Doraemon (1979 - 2005)

One of the rare cases that someone outshine there predecessor 
at first people thought it was a cheap knock off of mojacko ...

"They felt like they were the simpson and doraemon was the family guy"

But what mojacko was lacking was the sense of fulfillment doraemon did every episode.
it has depth , it has creativity and it has a wide adventurist palate
and now consider a staple japanese icon.
and besides

Doraemon was a cat can he lose ?

22.  Xiaolin  showdown (2003 - 2006 )

A show that makes "Avatar" shallow ...
the classic elemental warriors in training with a twist of magical artifacts
it is honestly a recipe of innovation.
And as of march 2012 ...they network hinted that they will revive the series.
but if i may ask ...why the hell did you cancel it anyway ?

21. Codename : Kid's next door (2002 -2008)

It's a glimpse of what the world will be like if it was run by kids ...
and honestly ...i don't think there was an episode they cry.
Not like the dramatic senator tito sotto award winning performance

Oh and miriam defensor for president....thanks!

20. Voltes V (1977 - 1988)

The robot that started it all ...after it release every robot came out but no one can beat
the mechanical masterpiece that is Voltes V ....and ofcourse it's earworm Themesong...

Seriously ...Daimos , ultraman and transformers needs to get back in line.

19. Ghost Fighter (1994-1996)

Eugeune , Taguro , Jeremiah , Jericho ...LOL
the pen pen de sa ra pen words was replace by characters of this iconic anime.
and of course the demonic bisexualism of Dennis (kurama)
seriously i thought he can pretend a girl ...and he still be flawless...

"You think you're hair is amazing ? My hair can grow roses bitch!"

i honestly love anime / manga ...they have more depth than ever
like naruto (not on the list coz it is still running )
but i really just wish they get more innovative in there characters tho'
some of them looks exactly the same ...

18 Ed , Edd n Eddy (1999 - 2009 ) i the only one who watch this show ...
i dunno ....probably i never get those other mainstream show (dragonball , inuyasha ,etc)
Seriously this show was like a mental asylum for kids ...
and the theme everday is insanity didn't make sense yet it did.

Remembering watching this ...makes me remember how fuck up i was as a kid...
and i thought jawbreakers was drugs LOL
yet i never tasted what a jawbreaker is ....
and i never see how awesome it is ....if plank get his own spin off...

17. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (2003 - 2008 )

This is honestly suprise me that they aren't airing anymore ...
i mean they have the formula for success (stupidity , evilness , supernatural stupidity )
but according to wikipedia they try to launch a spin off for this
and it epicly fail thus ending what could have been a long running show...
it just shows ...if you already found the formula of success don't screw it up

"Spongebob : I will never be cancelled like you...NEVER!"

16. Invader Sim (2001 - 2002 )

Seriously ...what gives ?
it was a high rating success and it was cancelled ...
it's reruns on 2005 was even a success
up until now there are still rumors the show will be back
but they said it was too expensive,

Uhm ...after it ended with one season ...
it has published a successful line up of toys and video games
and even it's dvd was a success ...i say bring it back!
Family guy was revive the same way tbh,

Peter to Louis 
"Remember when we were cancel on our first season 
but we were resurrected becoz the fans love us? 
Let's show our appreciation by making stewie gay"

15. Powerpuff Girls (1998 - 2005 )

this show ended gracious-fully ...until they make a powerpuff Z
seriously people need to stop fucking our childhood.
while they're at it ..
why not even let us see what Ms. Bellum looks like

14. Captain Planet (1990 - 1996 )

I know it's corny ...but i was a kid ...innocent ...
almost as if watching this makes me think im helping the world in my couch.
And you gotta give it to him ...
Nicki minaj ain't got nothing against captain planet green mullet.

"Nicki...roman...or whoever you are now ...
i love you....but captain planet
has the best green hair of all time!"

13. Flame of Recca (1997-1998)

What can i say ? 
The hunger games ain't got shit against flame of recca 

Everything from recca promising to a girl she just met to be her ninja forever ...
to the immortal mom
to the goddess of  lesbian wind aira 
to even 8 dragon who has there own personality
it's almost as if the authour of this manga 
has split personalities,bipolar disorder and chronic hallucination from eating nuttela all day. 

"hunger games who ? "

But for some reason it all work as if it was our own demonic psychotic playground.
No hidden agenda ...kill that bitch or bye bitch,
Seriously...every thing was awesome and you know it!

Now if we can just get a spin off starting of kurei and him going to L.A
where he join rupauls drag race and won
and be the new ambassador of covergirl 
then the world can fucking end.

12. Catdog (1998-2005)

you know this was coming ...the most intelligent show on the list!
it even make sense out of a drunk peter griffin...

No one cares how the hell they can survive conjoined 
and running around for 4 seasons , or even who there parents was?
we only care about is how we love them ...
they we're like peanut butter and milk ...
separately they we're good , but together they we're awesome
and they just didn't break every logic available to humankind...

They also killed those stereotypes ^_^

11. Kim Possible (2002 - 2007 ) 

Ahhhh....the show that introduce us to what a naked mole rat is,
Kim possible was like the cartoon version of lindsay lohan(when she wasn't fuck up)
teen angst , boy problem , saving the world ...
doesn't she get menstruation stress with all that drama ?

But this show ended in a classy and colorful way ...i honestly cried lol
Kim possible can do everything 
but behind every superwoman 
is a guy worth fighting for ...even if it breaks her damn nails.

10. Thundercats (1985 - 1989 ) 

Why does the muppets have a star on the walk of fame ?
Seriously thundercats should get that recognition,
I have never seen a cartoon so iconic especially there HOOOOOOOOOOOO
it made gerald butler "THIS IS SPARTA" effeminate ...

Actually on 2011 the show was rebooted and has a new version

i haven't watch it we're great 
well i'd be the judge of that 
they make it look japanese style and shit ...
no one can beat the original...
they even injected mumra some steroids ...the fuck? 

"the fuck ? do they have gym on pyramids now?"

By the way yeah the show was cancelled/hiatus 
further evidence to not fuck with people's childhood

And yes "Pokemon" is still running ....
i ran out of fucks to give at #151.

9. Dexter's laboratory (1996 - 2003 ) 

Is it even remotely and utterly possible that you won't smile or laugh
while watching this ?
It is honestly one of the show i wish wasn't gone off air,
i mean fairly odd parent survived right ? 

8.Action league Now (1996-2002)

You have to be that awesome to remember this show!
i mean why they didn't make this a movie ? 
it would have won more academy award than toy story

7. Legends of the hidden temple (1993-1995)

This is the show that taught me this sentence
"Dumb bitch,don't fucking go there....
there's a temple guard AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH shit"

But seriously that was scary and entertaining...
it's like out of nowhere michael jackson
will out of nowhere come
and snatch the kid player 

What?! ...Zombies loves kids :P 

6.Yu-Gi-Oh! (1998-2004) 

I confess ...i was in high school back then ...i have this book of yugioh cards
and be all ...let's duel ...
i honestly always save my lunch money
to buy more of this crap 
years later when i throw my toys away 
i can't even find my collection of this ...ugh i was such a nerd...

right not it's still the top trading cards
selling 22 billion cards worldwide ...i'm just gonna laugh
when storage wars 2050 premieres
ans all they find is that

5. Card Captor Sakura (1998-2004)

Confession no. 2 ...i have cardcaptor sakura cards too when i was young
no not all of them ...only select...probably 12
one of my classmate has them all and was smoking something
coz he refer to him as a wizard 
and those sakura cardcaptor card , he treats it like tarot
seriously im not joking ...this is based on a true story !

True story...

4.Sky Dancers (1996)

Oh god i love this show 
it is so underrated
i'd probably am the only one who remember it coz it only lasted one season
but seriouslyi can't find enough pictures of it in the internet
which is sad coz they made winx look like mosquitos

3.Magic Knight Rayearth (1995)

Like number 4 ...i had the hardest time for even remembering the name of this show
but it was like destiny when i put on google the word
"fire water wind earth girls "
it was honestly a strike of luck and honestly 
i'm so glad i find this ...i'd buy a blu ray of this and watch it all over again.
who's with me ? :D 

2. Sailor Moon  (1992-1997)

Antoine dodson will say "your so dumb" out of nowhere
if i don't put these bad bitches here ...
seriously last confession....i have there paperdolls when i was a kid
don't judge me ...who will marry my robot and live in my lego castle 
if i don't get one of those ...hahahaha

1.That's so raven (2003-2007)

So...Number one...that's so raven...why?
Simple ...that's so raven was the epitome of my graduation to childhood to adolescent
once i was getting the gag and the joke of raven baxter ...
i started going to high school musical then snl
now i'm 20 and im watching modern family,criminal minds,walking dead 
and it's all thanks to raven baxter ...the girl who wasn't afraid to speak up.

from an irresponsible teenage to a grown up adult 
we saw her tackle everything 
for some reason i don't know why people haven't pick her up yet
to make her own tv show or a talk show ...i'd really watch that
especially now that i heard about the lesbian rumors 

i wish the old raven baxter will speak about it like she used too...
we didn't really give a shit about her precognition power
it was her courage and determination that what ever happens in her future
she can conquer it with nothing but a sharpie and some lipgloss.

How about you guys ...
what shows shape your childhood?


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  2. cool i can relate at most on this post it reminds me of my childhood too