Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seth Macfarlene , 28 gowns and the emmies

So i just watch tidbits from the emmy today

No surprises there....modern family won all ,

You know you're succesful when you can pull an all whitey's
but yeah i love the show...its funny and bizarre but yeah funny
as for the emmy's , well it was ok
i mean maybe because the world is ending
the emmy and the vma  are getting tamer ....

yeah i google miley cyrus "cant be tamed"
and that came out ...
but now let's do the rundown of the emmy
of who look hot and who look not

Everyone wear the same old boring all black tuxedo
except family guy creator seth macfarlane
oh god this guy is like a god to me
not only is he a cartoon genius and overall an awesome guy
he's fucking cute as well ...and he doesn't look 38 lol

I love sofia vergara ...i think she's hot as hell
but i hate this gown ...the color is too lady marmalade old for her
it's too pageantry drag queenish

If it wasn't for her amazing red locks
this gown will look so dull on christina hendricks (mad men)
she needs more color on her ...

Nicole kidman actually looks nice in this gown
and since when did HBO competing for the emmy's ?
Sooner or later they won't stream movies anymore
just like MTV did and not stream music videos anymore
its full teenage pregnancy and snooki (who should have been nominated)

I would prefer if hayden let her golden locks flow freely
tho i heard it was 105 celsius there so i guess it really isn't the best idea

Great gown! ...whoever leslie mann is ...

We should do something about her hair

That gown looks heavy ...is she carrying the  whole sun underneath that ?

i watch katy perry doppelganger zooey deschanel "new girl "
and it's ok ....but she looks like a fairy princess of the wasp here
i don't know if it's adorable or weird ...

Sorry heidi klum ...beyonce did it better on the grammy's

Zoey and heidi should quit it coz no one can outdo
the whole "fairy gown look" like beyonce did on the grammy 2010

Dear grammy award nominated and 42 year old tina fey
that cleavage looks a little low ...

I love Mellissa mcCarthy on bridesmaid
but she looks like a woman scorned on this black ensemble


Swear ...it look like our table cloth

Sorry ....rihanna did it better on 2006 with that green grammy gown

Mind you ....this was her on pre-umbrella-good-girl-gone-bad stage.

Wait ....OMG.....is this ryan seacrest girlfriend ....OMFG.....OMFG......WOW!

No...julie bowen....i wish you were my mom too but no ....Just no....

At first glance ...i was like ...who is she ...she's pretty
but she is ariel winter also known as alex dunphy on modern family
i mean can you blame me ...she looks like this on the show

but she looks like this on the red carpet


No wonder the amazing ashley judd and her
"im not a cia , im a mother looking for my son" show was cancelled.
she looks like a chihuahua in this dress ...and that collar looks like a dog tag

I love sarah hyland but she looks anorexic in this gown...

Pajama turn into a gown ...

Fishnet turn into a gown...

Floor tiles turn into a gown ...

Short prom dress turn into a 3/4 gown ...

Ok this gown is amazing ...




That's a great black gown ...

That's a great yellow gown...

Jeannie Mai - Fashion expert - Grade A+

Ok...that shoes with that dress ?
you could have wear chucks lady...

I love you kat dennings from two broke girls ...I LOVE YOU

I really can't hate on kelly osbourne because she push limits
now if she was wearing the same boring black gown THEN i will hate on her...

The eyes...the gown...the horror....

This isn't bad at all ...

Why do i think she is saying "hey yall" while getting photographed ? 

Loves Lucy Liu ...hates that disco ball gown ...cats don't like disco balls

Hair that looks like she just got out of bed ......CHECK!
gown that looks like it was bought in some thrift store....CHECK!
IDGAF face for the paparazzi .....CHECK!
And the winner for the best mess dress on Emmy goes to Meritt Wever!
Whoever she is ....Now excuse me while i punch myself for making this post,

Or probably get kick by angelina jolie's legs ...hmmmmmmm...versace...!



  1. gorgeous red carpet has always been so glamorous

  2. beautiful photos beautiful gowns

  3. I still can't believe that my ever beloved Nicole Kidman is wearing that gown. I mean she's not stunning as she used to be. I want her divine, immaculate and impeccable! It feels like this relationship is going nowhere Nicole. But I will still hold on and make this relationship work. Sigh...

  4. I love Nicole's and Hayden's gowns! And of course nothing & no one beats Angelina Jolie's Oscar 2011 pose! ヅ

    1. You know your red carpet gurl hahahaha ^_^