Sunday, September 9, 2012

The things i do when i'm bothered : The list of top ten dance crazes of our human existences (So far...)

I am eating today ... and right now i'm trying this Quaker instant oat meal (with milk )

Which is kinda funny coz i don't like instant oatmeal ...
unless you put milk and milo in it ,
but since i thought this was milk flavored ...i figure i tried it...
and's damn good 

Now i know why it is (with milk) instead (milk flavor) coz honestly it taste like 
something cats would mistakenly drink as a milk ...
let's just say i was satisfied...
not like the original oatmeal that always taste like "pangtawid-gutom"


But yeah something is bothering me now ...
i mean everyday i'm bothered honestly ...
it's almost as if i want to do everything in the world.
but i'm this.

I mean it's so stupid ....coz it's stuck on my head ...
i'm not bothered by this 34 year old popstar
i'm just bothered how every copycat out there will be flooding in there video
like how they did on "Call me maybe"
then 50 years from now ...they will be looking at themselves
and uttering "what the hell was i doing"

I mean ...i'm already blogging about this mess ....
remember to slap me for this in the near future,
so why not make a countdown of top ten dance crazes,
yes ...i still know the step and yes should kill me for that.

10. Hammer Time 

From the awful pants to the 
this was a perfect way to start a countdown ....
the horror...the horror....

9. The Devil Song The ketchup Song

In medieval times ...if you're pretty and perfect're a witch ,
now if you're pretty and perfect're an Illuminati...

8. Teach me how to dougie 

You should hear the next thing they release...
it was titled "Teach me how to pussy" 

7.Chicken noodle Soup 

Before it was just a chicken dance ...
now they killed the chicken ...
turn it into a soup and then turn it into a dance ,
I'm pretty sure this is the song chicken hear on the KFC slaughterhouse .

6. Crank That (Soulja Boy ) 

Back in 2007 , it's almost as if this guy (who was grammy nominated for this track ) 
is meant for super-stardom , but yeah ...that's the negative side of fad and crazes...
once you go to the top have to top yourself off
or fell to the lowest pit hole ...irrelevancy.

5. Otso - Otso 

Speaking about irrelevancy...

4. Spaghetti 

Rochelle knew girl groups aren't forever ....and just like beyonce 
she sashay away from that ship before it sink with her...

3. Macarena 

Released on 1995 ....Still on itunes to haunt us ...

2. Single Ladies 

It may not be an original dance number,
But this song transitioned beyonce from that girl 
who just shake her ass because she's crazy in love
to a woman who's commanding her man to put a ring on it bitch.

1. Moon walk 

You know you have live forever if 

A. You have a signature move...
B. Everyone is imitating your signature move...
C. My leather shoes always quit that bitch whenever i tried to do this move in high school.

If you're thinking of committing suicide someday 
just put all this song on replay ...
and in no time you will be dancing to your own death
your soul and brain-cells can only take that much of suffering ...

And they say hell was scary...


  1. AHAHAHA! To be honest I got hooked with Gangnam Style. I know it's stupid, ridiculous... but i just can't help it. I did my best to memorize the Korean lyrics and the dance steps. I know what you're thinking, how did i become this pathetic? Sorry, but what can I do?

    Indeed, moon-walking will be that eternal dance move. The Ketchup Song, THAT I REALLY HATE TO DEATH. The voice, the freakin' Spanish accent (labsak na labsak), those bitches! Argh! I never liked Spanish. I studied it for one year and nothing remained in my brain.

    Well, for the rest, nothing to say. I was never compelled to do those dance steps, except for moon-walk and Gangnam style.

    1. I'm gonna guess
      you even have the matching shades to go with that dance ...

  2. haha. wala yung aringkingkingking. sinayaw namin yub nung kinder ako. XD

  3. For me so far... it's 8 out of 10.

    Haven't done 6 and 7.

    I just change it to NoBody,NoBody and Halukay Ube!

    Halukay Ube's my favorite ! ROFL !


    Lapit na ang Christmas ! ! !


  4. since im not great in singing i had an idea why not try dancing haha but i jsut dont know if i can

  5. I don't eat oatmeal but I love Milo powder as rice toppings (actually as ulam!hehehehe!) ^◡^

    Nakakatuwa piktyur nila Capt. America at Thor! ^◡^

  6. Di ko rin type yang oatmeal hahahaha kahit may milo or gatas, i still hate it