Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Top 5 X-factor moment (September 20-21,2012)

While the x factor judges are chilling ...

i was having a miserable week hired and fired in that week alone.
i will put that story on another blog
but for now let's do a recap...shall we ?

5. You can take the girl out of the hood,but you can't take the hood out of the girl.

Krysten looks like a nice 21 year old gal ...with a nice hair
considering she's a hairdresser ...this looks like a sweet girl
and this could be a chance of a lifetime!

Wrong was a chance to make a fool out of herself on national television...
At first the judges didn't like her first song choice so they decided to give her another shot
and behold ...she pick a whitney houston song ....
then lightning strikes ....britney freak the hell out ...

Obviously the lightning make a far better impression than krysten song choice
so she was given a "No" ...
which turns into a hissy fit ...

Seriously if you're gonna do a hissy fit ...
do it like how green day did it last week
on the i heart radio festival 
yelling "I'm not fucking justin bieber or something like that" 

Now THAT is a fucking hissy fit ...Go billy joe

4.Bitch you better werk...

Meet CeCe frey ...she makes cher llyod of x factor uk a nun
after declaring she's not auditioning ...just another day in the office.
So when you declared your bitchery on national television
you probably just frontin' and in reality you suck right ?

Wrong ...Bitch was honestly good ....well her first song was boring
but when she belt ain't no other man with so much sass 
it will melt all of christina aguillera's cellulite
you know shit is gonna go down. down with a tv show with a villain in it ...
and just like in the immortal words of madonna 
"Sometimes,you have to be a bitch to get things done"
I'm not team cece ...but it wouldn't mind me if she makes it.

3. Jeffrey Gutt

First that hair ...second this is one of the best audition ever ...
third...THAT HAIR!
It looks like whoever did it...just put a bowl on his head
and the cut his hair just like...just like....MANDARK!

But seriously dude was awesome ...sounded like a rockstar ...
you normally see single mom audition on this show 
with there sob stories written in the palm of there hand 
but this single dad ...audition and held back his tears 
and really ...brought the house down.

But seriously ...we need to do something...WITH THAT HAIR!

2. Citizen 

This really gay  vain group really burn it into simon cowell books ...
lucky for them the other judges like them 
although i don't know why they're number 2 here ...
i guess because all they talk is about the collar was hilarious as fuck 
and citizen doesn't sound like a boyband name to me ,
though i always say the wanted sound shrill for a boyband but hey they werk it !

1.Panda the pop-star 

Meet jesus guardian angel ...PANDA...yes her real name is panda LOL
anyway she sing better than all these ambitious bitches can
and has a love interest with simon 
even opting the necklace "single" on display on her neck for simon to read.

Ugh i love this woman ...
although after 4 yes from the judges 
she was struck by pneumonia
and need to get in the hospital ...

Those doctors better do there damn thang coz we need more of panda !
she's our answer to every auto tune no personality popstar out there 
the last thing we want is to make panda extinct ...
and as for simon cowell.

Groovy necklace bro'


  1. jeffery version were pretty good na missed ko ung episodes ng xfactor mxado bz ee

  2. I can't comment on other stuff except for f*cking awesome one of my greatest man-crushes of all-time Billie Joe! hhehehe! This is why Green Day is so great of a rock band, this is why the whole group deserves more than 1 f*cking minute!