Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unless it's your wedding ....Don't wear white

Yesterday me and my cousin watch "Amorosa : The Revenge " 

We were supposed to watch guni guni by lovi poe 
becoz people say it is really scary ...
i don't know about you but filipino horror movies aren't really scary 
it's the same raped/murdered/didn't get to have her own wedding white lady

I don't know who's fault is it that
i haven't really seen a hack / slasher film like "Saw" here,
i guess the mtrcb still think we listen to them ...

I'm just gonna make this review quick since i have somewhere to go later...

Pro's and Con's 


Right Casting Choice 

Everyone in the film work well ...
from the very underrated yet superb acting skills of angel aquino 
to ejay falcon (Spoiler alert) playing a a way make sense.

The power of the underdogs

Let's face it wasn't an all star cast ....but what they lack in star power 
they deliver in acting skills ...the film was sort of like an indie horror film
and trust me this has a better storyline than any of those three farts  parts 
that shake rattle and roll offer every fucking Christmas.

Martin Del Rosario 

I don't know who he is but apparent in his wikipedia page
he was discovered by a talent manager while buying lechon
for gerald anderson birthday ...well that was interesting ...

But most actors problem is they have a tendency to overact 
since we all know all filipino actresses overact ...
ask any one of them about they're past relationship
and they will cry as if it was on cue 

But back to martin ...he's cute and fresh 
he deliver his role amazingly and he didn't overreact...
but there was  just one problem about it. 


Role Mismatching 

In the movie enrique play the bad  rebellious boy...

While martin ...whom when i google had tons of half naked pic on the internet
played the blind good son of amorosa 
right casting , wrong roles didn't make sense 
they should let vice ganda be the monster/ghost/killer/predator.

At least it make sense...

It's the same stupid white lady 

I don't care if jennifer aniston will play the white's still JUST a white lady.
Why the hell will you subtitle the movie "The revenge" 

if there's no chainsaw , 
no abomination contraption scary enough to actually kill someone
instead it's just another pretty lady,
 raped and murdered...and probably killing right now
coz she didn't get a chance to audition on pbb teens.

The Generic Filipino factor in every movies 

This are the ingredient in making a filipino film (any genre except indie) 

-must have some disposable corny comical scene 
-must have some kind of predictable mystery 
-must have a love story
-must end with a happy ending's a must.

To cut it shortly wasn't that bad nor was that good.
i mean if it was that good they would have show it on november 
head to head with breaking dawn right ? 

Now that photoshop is scary as shit...
But if amorosa teach me something's that we still have 
untapped , underrated actors and actresses ....and maybe with the right material
we could probably and hopefully generate better non-love film
that will inspire everyone and at the same time not get them pregnant.

Sure it can't match one of the best horror movie (Feng shui by kris aquino) 
no one still can't beat that in my opinion .
but for now did showcase that we still have credible actors,
if we only have new scientist and they haven't been working on some call center.

Maybe we can throw the stupid generic film formula outside the window 
and create an entirely new one,
No wonder only indie film gets international awards,
They're so realistic ...

I mean if we can't blame someone's death/misfortune on our government
we can ALWAYS blame it on some random lady in white right ? 


  1. Not enough funding i guess. Have you seen those "blockbuster movies"? Most of them are 200-minute infomercials packaged as a film, a work of pure talent and artistry. SHET!

    hahaha! Here in Europe they rave for some of our indie films like "The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros" and "Serbis".

    Per nung nagtagal puro gay movies na lang. I have nothing against gays and gay movies. I watch them. It's just that, nakakasawa naman. Laging mga jokla na lang? Puede ba something historical (yung hindi Amaya ang dating ha)? Something creative and surreal, hindi na lang something supposedly-scary na laging may half-breed queen supreme screamer.

    Nung nagtagal ang mga indie film sa atin naging mga cheap softcore gay and straight porn, usually located in the squatters area. Dun na lang ba lagi talaga may matinding sexual action? hahaha!


  2. @Meowfie and Mr.Tripster...

    Have you seen Amelie (AUDREY TAUTOU)? That's my all time favorite.

    Indie films are so popular!!!

    Even if Sharon Cuneta or Vilma Santos will have a new movie...



    1. Oh yes! I've seen Amelie! Fantastic film. I'm planning to go to Paris on December to see the location where it was set. hehehe... fanatic lang! But it still depends on how my paychecks would turn out. Hehehe...

    2. Nah haven't seen it :(

      what was the story about O.o

  3. haha i agree iam so sick with filipino horror movies it was alwyas predictable mtrcb i know filipino can come up with something different something that is export quality if i were to make a movie horror would be a great piece but i think no matter how the plot was excellently made up it will always depend on how actors would portray such roles