Friday, September 14, 2012

X factor Season 2 Premiere week :The Madness , The Hopefuls and It's Britney Bitch...Top 5 moment of X factor Premiere Week

So on the philippines tv wars....i should say IDRGAF....
duh..its full of corny telenovelas
then the DOH are complaining that the teenage pregnancy 
in the philippines is doubling each year ? 

But on the american tv wars was dramatic and explosive as ever ...
while the voice who normally plays on monday and tuesday 
decided to extend there show to wednesday
to topple the wednesday/thursday debut of  The X factor ...

Personally ...i wanna watch the voice too but i cant find it on the cable
and i was just watching x factor on studio 23 23 air the voice too
but i guess they drop it and instead pick x factor ....

but yeah anywho the winner of the rating wars was the voice ...

Simon should order cooler chair if x factor get a new season
but anyway since i cant watch the voice 
im just gonna make a review of x factor show 
both of it's wednesday and thursday show ...
not bias or anything but x factor was amazing!
it's almost as if i want all the next episode!

So here is the list of top 5 X factor moment on Sept 13-14 

5 . Britney long lost friend 

Meet Don Philip ...
He's a recording artist and record a duet with britney 10 years ago ,
he audition on x factor and immediately britney recognize her ...
So you know that if you are a recording artist ,
dueted with britney spears and you got decent looks
You probably are really good ...right ? 

he sunk lower than a submarine on an infinity pool.
(that was a good one , imma write that down ) 
Don philip represent the otherside of spectrum of the hollywood business .

Some make it , some don't
but when you make it have to have the staying power ,
Unfortunately don didn't had that ...
and now he sunk deeper ...especially to everyone who bought his uhm...3 albums ? 

4. Britney's Stalker 

Meet patrick ford (he audition on american idol before ) 
He's a britney Super mega fan (he audition on Ai with womanizer and now "circus")
the only sad things tho is that he sucks
the worst part ...the x factor edit him as a psycho ...LOL 
but to be honest ....

his american idol audition was better 

3. The Soon to be Publicity Stunt 

I always knew simon has a plan why he pick demi as a judge
instead the fabulous kelly rowland (BUY ICE ON ITUNES LOL) 
if you haven't notice simon and britney are everywhere promoting x factor ,
and if that doesn't help them ...i know simon will make demi and niall a couple 

Simon shouldn't focus on the publicity stunt 
even tho they were 2nd behind the voice on ratings 
they were number one on social networking sites as a topic ,
so yes they were heard honestly the judges need to focus on making a star
and where the hell is melanie amaro 
i know they are trying to make her skinny before launching her ...

But yeah they better build her career 
coz damn american idol milk it's longevity on kelly clarkson 
so this shit really matters.

Oh god remember when she was a hot mess
and now she's a hottie ...LOL 
this is why people audition for this ...
not to hear about the judges love life.

2. Mean Bitches Girls 

Don't be fooled by the gorgeous smile and pretty face 
coz this contestant were snickering around and babbling how the other contestant 
we're so lame and they got this one in there damn purse
unfortunately for them 
there performance bombed louder than there ego on a tanning salon.

Ladies if you're gonna be a bitch on national television
you better deliver the goods
don't these bitches fucking watch ANTM ? 

Done with you basic bitches ...
and for the number one
moment of the x factor
and why the hell should it be watched


This bitch werk , sang (he wasn't really a good singer) and damn it she put it down
the best part ...he's real job was a cake decorator ...hahaha....
the amazing part ....He got three yesssssssssssssss!

Bitch werk it ...and he gives me hope that i might get a yes if i audition...
but seriously the thing that separate x factor from the voice and idol is this ...
while idol is a "whole some singing karaoke competition"
and the voice is a "we need opera singers not pop stars " 
X factor is a "we don't care who you are if you are entertaining your IN"

"Unfortunately,i don't get x factor philippines"

I mean face it or not the pop princess of our generation (Katy perry and Rihanna)
can't belt like whitney / mariah / and celine ...
but they rule the charts ...why...coz they have the x factor ...
now if i can just find mine ....hahahaha i can finally rule this world!

One of you bitches a fucking time.


  1. AHAHAHAHAA! Can't stop laughin' at britney's number one fan! I was watching the X Factor audition, and it was like SHIT IS ALL OVER THE PLACE. hahahaha!

    1. That was the best part.....Shit is all over the place!
      hahahaha let's keep watching ...i think this is gonna get good!

  2. oh I've heard of that I love cristina more than britney bitch haha
    anyways iam more excited for the ai 12

    1. thats like months to go ....
      i suggest give x factor a chance :P