Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just another boring day in school or Vma 2012 ?

So i wake up my ass as early as 8 a.m to watch the mess called VMA ,

It's ok ...i do this since i was a kid ...especially at the Grammies and AMA,
Stupid time zone difference ....anyway
i was really expecting a lot of PUBLICITY STUNTS on VMA 2012 
sadly there's none in.....NONE.

To cut it short didn't feel like an award show 
(most of my guesses of who will win did win) 
It didn't feel like a concert nor a television show ....
To be honest it feels like i just spent a day of class when i watch it ,
after that i didn't got excited to blog this ...
i nap again then i decided to blog this mess,

So here's my countdown of the VMA Class of 2012 

It open up with alarm bells that it's time to go to school 
and rihanna (the principal) open up the ceremony 
sitting on her throne 
and telling everyone to suck her cock.....iness and she likes it when you eat it.
which she can say proudly since she basically owns the place with a throne like that.

The performance was ok ....Rihanna was energetic with her new hair ,
but the team behind her didn't get a lot of creativity in here 
not like when she open up the vma with disturbia
with a thousand zombies and some glowstick , 

Now that was awesome and creative.....sorry i can't find it on youtube ,
anyway after performing cockiness...she then burst to "we found love"
and shouted "whatever happens happens" 
Well....sorry principal riri didn't 

Kevin hart hosted the show ...
he was better than the girl last year ...but not sarah silverman.
I guess he's the guidance counselor of  this mess
proclaiming everyone make mistake ....and it's ok to make mistake.

i told you it's as if this was a classroom 
and everyone was waiting for the bad student to arrive
but sadly one showed up...probably coz everyone was waiting for it to arrive ,
everyone was jinx including i ...who wake 7 fucking thirty to watch this shit.

When miley cyrus introduce pink ....
i thought for a second how they look a like with the same hair ...
but then i shrug it off ...coz it's fucking pink ....
i'm sure she's gonna do something crazy !

But sadly she didn't ....she was like that young crazy teacher you adore ...
then when you get back to your school she's like this old classy gal ,
i guess everything changes when you had your first baby become more tamer

then frank ocean perform....thought this dude was a rapper ....
but he wasn't ...he was like an usher mix with aretha franklin with them falsetto 
it was a classy performance ...
much like what florence and the machine did last year.
i guess he's the over achiever student of this class room ...coz he's trending.

The best part of the show was rebel wilson 
she was that drug addict on "Bridesmaid"
seriously she stole the show and woke me up with that dress 
and she even said the bald one from the wanted was bisexual.

I don't know if it was a joke ....but after that the bald one looks awkward.
it's as if her mom outed him lol ....poor guy ...
but seriously rebel wilson should host an award show 
and maybe she can hang "out" with one direction too ....
she was like the underrated comedic "meg griffin" student here
and speaking of one direction

They perform and won a lot of award ....
proving there the hearthrobs/popular kids in the vma tonight
i guess there's no surprise with that hair and accent...

then some rapping student 2 chain perform while lil wayne is skating
then some school band green day perform 
then social studies teacher and sometimes p.e teacher alicia keys perform

and then Taylor swift perform who before was just that kid from the bleachers
now looks like the head cheerleader with her own dancer and bands.
then i sleep and wake up and thought "OH SHIT I NEED TO WATCH THE VMA"
and then i realized i already did ...and that was it ...

Just like i said was just like a normal class room day ...
everyone from everyone is teaching someone ...
but everyone is waiting for that bad student to fuck it all up,
instead no one showed up and make me realize ...

That i grew up in a catholic school ...
and even our class day was more interesting than this mess.

Final Grade : F

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  1. i also love watching such shows i love them all
    but still the best was 2010's grammy