Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Slender Man

Mah topic for the day is Slender man...No he's not spider man's brother 

Which i must say i haven't seen it yet ....coz andrew is really cuter than the first spiderman and i like him in the social network movie...


He's dating MY most favorite actress of all time ....Emma stone.
Like seriously she's a goddess

They honestly look cute as a couple....

Can you say jealous? 

Anyway back to the story....So who is the slender man ? 

This is based on a true story.

It all started on 1811,The famous Ratcliff High way Murders (you can wikipedia that shit) 

The Marrs Family was just like any other family...
they own a shop...they just had a new baby
but on one day ...everything changes...

One fine day on a cold night of December , 
Mr timothy Marrs instructed Margaret Jewell(The family's Helper)
To buy some oyster for dinner was his wife's favorite 
Mrs. Celia Marrs ...who just gave birth to Timothy who was 14 weeks old 

So margaret went out to quickly get the oyster 
it was cold and dark so she had to hurry because this weather go worse every second
she glance a minute to a tall guy , wearing a black tuxedo
shrugging that he was just another customer ...she focus on getting the oyster

After visiting two shops and finding no luck ,
Margaret decided to go back and tell them the sad news 
but unfortunately for her 
Not finding oysters for dinner will be the least of what was coming...

Knocking on the door she went ...At first there was no answer...
It was midnight ofcourse ...the marrs family probably forgot she was out ,
She first heard no movement ...then a noise the sounded like footsteps from the stairs
She assumes that someone was about to let her in ,

Then she heard the baby cry ....then silence
it was utter silence ...
she then notice blood...slowly gushing from the front door 

Margaret went hysterical and with the help of other townspeople
pounded the door hard so they can open it ...
The next thing they saw when they open the door 
leave there mouth wide open ...

James ...One of the Apprentice of The Marrs Family 
was lying on a pool of blood ...his own blood...he was turning 16 this month
Just down on the corner was Mrs. Marrs ...lifeless
wounds are still bleeding and words cannot express how she was tormented
before finally getting her skull smashed into pieces.

On the counter there was Mr Marrs ...face down in a beaten position,
Almost as if he did his best to save his family ...
But the saddest part was upstairs... Timothy the 14 weeks old infant
was decapitated ...slash like a ragdoll and killed like he was not a newborn

The News Spread like wild fire was the 1811....
things like this just don't happen
due to lack of motive (there was no robbery nor revenge issues)
and lack of criminal and forensic science ...
there really isn't anything the police can do about it...

"the real ad from the 18th century about the murder"

The townspeople were in panic mode knowing that a serial killer
is in there town just parading on what was the biggest scare back then.
Ofcourse the police have to somehow dealt all the pressure 
not even catching a murderer who did this ,

Days later ...there was a another killing ...but this time it was a robbery,
The killer just killed the one he robbed and didn't harm anyone 
there was a different pattern and john williams the robber
didn't harm even the little girl ...
John just need the money for the great debt he owed for gambling...

It was a simple direct crime...but police has a better idea
to tie John into the marrs family murder
since he and Mr. marrs we're good friend 
They presented that the case was jealousy 

Three Days later , the day he was supposed to go on trial...john committed suicide
Which was a surprise ...since the prisoners and the warden said he was good spirited
that he was innocent and he will be released soon...rumuors says the police killed him
so they can close cases ...especially the marrs murder.

It was a tradition to parade a serial killer's dead body in the 18th century ,
parade it was ...while everyone is enjoying that the town was safe again
someone was was margaret ...the man they are parading 
it wasn't the guy she saw entering the shop minutes before she left

John williams was a short guy ...and she was sure 
he was a good family friend of the marrs and he couldn't have done it,
far from the parade he saw a figure ....the same presence she had felt
the night before the murder 

There standing was the abnormally tall guy
wearing a black dark suit ...the one she saw ...
but something bothered margaret...
this guy was facing him directly...
and this

Days later...Margaret went Missing...No one heard from her ever since.

Fast forward to the future...the slender man video game was released....

Here you play a female ( presumably margaret) ...
going on a forest....getting bits of pages ...
evidence of what really happen that night ...
and a guy...with no face following you.

Dubbed as the most scariest game of the year ...
many responses to the game has been made.

Up to this point there was still no clue what happen that night 
or where is margaret now ...
One thing is for sure

Only you can found out .... here's the download link for the game.

And yes ...Happy Halloween :]

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Speaking of ...

Things that are happening @ Dear Old Tinseltown ! 

Nicki Minaj Release two back to back videos this week 

Va Va Voom i think is from Pink Friday : Roman Reloaded 

While the boys is from "Re-Up "
It's gonna be the re release of roman reloaded 
due on november

Good to see Nicki minaj is still the imelda marcos of wigs
She has release 9 music videos ...this year alone...WERK THEM WIGS!
and cassie is finally getting in on some action...It's been a while girl...
If you forgot who cassie is , she's the half filipina "Me & U " Singer 

Yes it was 2006 ....the race was tight back then 
everyone new was coming out on 2006 rihanna to ciara to amerie to teairra 
but of-course when it comes to longevity was rihanna who remained on top

Speaking of rihanna ...

Rihanna is currently shooting for her new music video "Diamonds"
And i also heard that the theme of the music video is "Angels V.S Devils"
Diamonds just crack the top ten on the U.S giving her 23 top hits 
Whitney houston has 23 top hits , she needs 15 more to tie with madonna

Did i mention riri is just 24 ? LOL 
Madonna was 33 when she had her 23rd hit with "This used to be my playground"
Rihanna lead the american music awards with 4 nods (Same as Nicki)
She's Nominated for Fave Female / Fave Rnb/Soul Artist / Fave Rnb Album
And the Top award Artist of the year that she shares with bestfriend katy perry

Speaking of Katy Perry 

Katy Perry Rocks A ballot dress in support of president Obama this week
I wonder who's the pervert that shaded it ...
She also celebrated her 28 Birthday 
With non other than john mayer ...

John Mayer...the famous ex boyfriend of jennifer anniston to 
jessica simpson and taylor swift

Speaking of taylor Swift 

Taylor (22) and her boyfriend Connor (18) just broke up
Good for us....more songs to guess who's that douche that break swifty's heart
For the mean while RED her new album will be dropping next week
Expert say it will sell 1 million in it's first week
Same as lady gaga's "Born this way"

Speaking of lady gaga

Yeah....I don't know where she is ...Bitch crazy anyway ....,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

America's Next top X Factor Makeover ? ...WTF ? LOL !

I can't breathe right now on what i'm about to blog ...but first ...

Damn ...Ciara is back ...Now that she's signed with L.A Reid (X factor judge)

Maybe L.A can pull off some strings so Ciara can perform on the X factor !
Ciara doesn't deserve to flop like nelly furtado and others ...she kick ass
and now that she's back to crunk music ...she is gonna be sizzlin! 

And did you guys saw the whole new X factor Promo ADS? 

I guess now that X factor has been renewed for a third season ...

then simon and the other judges can just go crazy with it again
Where is L.A Ads? I guess he think this is too crazy for him
but you know what's crazy ? 

But you know what's even crazier ? THIS!

Oh you don't know her ? Well I'll give you a clue ,

Yes that's X factor Contestant CeCe Frey ...And DAMN what did they do to her ,
I guess they are trying to make her likeable ...WTF 
Stop trying to change my mean girl CeCe's about time for a pretty villain chick
if i want a wholesome show i would have tune in to american idol and shit ...
Seriously before this ...she was my bet to win but now ...i don't really know,
Although Maybe the blonde hair might bring the Bitchery in her,

When Angelea receive the blond treatment ...the full blooded 716 Came out ..
So this might not be a bad thing ...Btw ...What is happening to ANTM
I have not been watching it since Angelea's Disqualification which was unfair!
But i heard next cycle they will have boys now

It takes 20 fucking season before tyra realize we need males in the series ...
Oh and beside Cece there isn't any other drastic make overs ...

Maybe Paige Thomas is supposed to be a model and not a singer like cassie ? 

Really Demi ? Willie jones instead of hot nick younger man ,
He's Cute but COMMON! Do we really need 2 Marcus Canty this season ? 

Jennel Garcia looks like an actress in this headshot tbh...

The Kids didn't really get anything Risk Changing

I like beatrice but i really do feel she's gonna be the first one out...

Because they will morph Diamond White into the next willow Smith ...

And morph Carly Rose into the young Susan Boyle ...

And Morph Arin into the next marcus canty ....LOL

The Old People  Over 25 ...

The Gay One 

The Cowboy One 

The Tattooed One 

The other Tattooed One ...Seriously Panda Ross Deserve A Slot

And the Groups ...Seriously the groups this year Looks GOOD...

I don't know what to do with Sister C ,
Although i do like Lakoda Rayne Last year 
If these three can harmonize well
they might pull out a Dixie Chicks on me ...

Spice Girls ? No
Danity Kane ? No
5 Talented Vocalist ...Yes!
Although I'm not still digging the name "Lylas"

Lemme tell you Lyric 145 has a future!

Emblem 3 Doesn't look hot here ...
I guess they really aren't doing the whole boyband thingy lol

Live shows will be next week ...If there's no baseball LOL ^_^ 

Dogs gets treat ...Cats gets awards

For the first time ever ...i have so many things to blog about ...
From my personal ranking of the 16 X factor Contestant
To Cat Bouncing , U.S Presidential Election Opinion
I have so much draft in my blog box it's as if i was staring on to something like this,

But For some reason i have to dump it all behind and say Fuck you to everyone
Coz mah Hubby Man Friend Tripster Guy  Awarded me with a Liebster Blog Award!

Personally i prefer Flowers (Preferably Sunflowers)
And Chocolates (Preferably Ferrero Rocher )
From Tripster....But this will do...LOL
Anyway Let's Get Started ...Here is what a liebster award is...

The rules are:

  1. Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the 11 questions of the tagger and list 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate.
  3. Choose 11 bloggers linking them to your post.
  4. Inform them of the nomination.
  5. No tagging back. Tag bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Gotta love Copy Paste ...Ok,

11 Things About Me...

1.I'm 20 years old ....Yet i feel very old and unaccomplished.

2.I graduated College at 18 , Right now i got a new job on an American Culinary School

3.Before this award i can only remember one award i got ,

   It was in School ....It was an Acting Award ...I was a saint ...yeah i know O_o

4..Sometimes ...I don't like humans.

5.I enjoy Cold Weather & Privacy , But sometimes i love the drama of reality.

6.I'm weird ...i am trying to figure out who i really am (In terms of being a human)

   And i do feel like it will be a never ending quest to find myself.

7.I don't know what love is (Never had a family or a relationship)

   So i always think it's a bit overrated ...

8. Since i was raised alone and independently i have a good sense of

    having my own world and not giving a fuck about anyone.

9.I always wonder about my mom

10. I always wanted to know what my dad really thinks about me

11.I have the ability to talk to cats ...

Tripster's Question

If you were to break the provisions in Republic Act 10175- Anti-Cyber Crime Act at makukulong ka, sino ang ISANG blogger ang gusto mong makasama sa presinto (note: wag niyo na ako piliin. By that time, hinihintay ko na lang kayo sa loob ng selda. Naunahan ko na kayo)? Bakit siya ang napili mo?

-Hmmmm....I don't want to choose anyone to go on a precint with me ,
 I can handle myself , But i guess if i become lonely i might need your help tripster ;]

From 1 to 10, gaano ka katalino compared kay Sen. Tito Sotto?

How many senators does it take to generate a million meme's ;}

Describe yourself in 150 characters.

I Don't play Characters ...but sometimes
when i'm bored i walk into an empty room
and pretend like a carrot ...
But don't worry i don't go overboard with playing characters...
"Cough" Nicki Minaj 
"Cough"  Roman Zolanski 
"Cough" she has more characters than pokemon

Whose picture do you keep in your wallet/purse and why do you keep his/her picture? Kung maraming photos, bakit mo naman ginawang photo album ang wallet mo?

No Pictures ...Just basic Human necessities in my wallet.

What turns you on?

Great Hair ...I have a weakness for blondes...

What/Who is your obsession?

Music ...Pop Culture ....Im studying it like i'm gonna go to hollywood , I'm crazy...

What’s the song that describes your emotion/status right now?

Nothing in particular at the moment ...My taste always Change like rihanna's hair

What/Who is the major influence/inspiration in your blogging life?

Hmmmm....I wanna say who he is , but it might haunt me someday ,
I can tell you privately next time ,

If the network of blogs to which you belong was a baranggay or a country, who should be the president/baranggay captain and why? be honest , I don't really give a damn about politics...
Not my thing i guess ...they can all be president if they want too ,
just invite me on the VIP Screening when they have to fight to the death
on who will get to seat on president's throne first...Now i will love that!

How many ex’s have you had in your life?

None ...I don't think i remember names from my high school or college life
i like to delete personal data from my brain when i finish...

Complete the sentence LOVE IS….. (if it’s difficult then here’s the alternative- TITO SOTTO IS T_NG_, you can only buy vowels, please be reminded of RA 10175). 

Love is blind Like Tito Sotto is Stupid ...

And here are my recipient of my blog award ...

Yes ...the one who's reading this ...well except if you have more than 200 followers ,
You can make your own and post the link here ...i'll make sure to check it out.
Here are the list of my Questions ^_^ 

1. Why are so many people invest them selves in telenovelas like walang hanggan ? 

Then later Bitch about the ending because they have a different scenario in there head ,
It's not like the avengers will come to save the day and make a "Grand Finale" 

2. If you can cure only one ...what would it be ? 

Cancer or Aids ? 
And what will you say to the other people affected by the disease you didn't cure ? 

3. Madonna always says that ...

Is it true ? Sight Any example to strengthen your testament.

4.What is the essence of being a human ? 

And why does it matters to cats like me ? 

5. Last Question ...If ever disney make there own version of the hunger games ...

Who do you think will win ? 

Enjoy your Saturday ya'll :] 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm sleepy's an unplanned blog

Everyone has plans ,
Not like dreams , where it can be classified from delusional to romantically incline
Plans on the other hand follow one simple rule

"Always Have One"

Plans not like dreams doesn't come out of nowhere or on your sleep
you make a mental note of it , or write it down if you have too ...
Even Bums and Hobo's has plans ,
It's called...

Works every-time honestly....
So i think i should share to you guys
Different Category of Plans

Plan A ....Also Known As Plan Ambitiously as you can ...

Everyone has that one dream...but surely everyone has a million plans.
And behind that one billion plan , you have that one plan only you know ...
yes the one hidden on your time deposit safe on your brain
that when the timing is right , you'll pull it out of nowhere

Like a superman costume under your trench-coat 
and i think Plan A must be as ambitious and unattainable as possible ,
Why you say ? 

Always Aim for the moon guys ,
Even if you'll still fall against those stars ^_^

Plan B ...The Back up Plan

It's Dumb not to have a back up plan ,
Coz dreams doesn't always come true (Ouch )
And we can always sue disney for making us believe about happy ever after
or we can just conduct our own second plans ,
Make it big , yet still can fit on the back of your pocket.

Plan C ...The Canvass

When Painters Paint , They don't have all the colors in the world ,
They practically just have the primary colors and mix it to get what they want
So should you , if ever Plan A works and Plan B goes to the drain
Try plan C , Looks against your surrounding ...
and try to see what you can do with what you actually have now
Sometimes what you have been looking is already there...your just not looking at it.

Plan D .. Downfall Plan 

This maybe the saddest thing that ever existed ...downfall plan is when everything fails
All is Doom and's when you ...gulp....give up ,
Hitler use gun as his plan D , Most people ....I mean all of us have a Plan D 
whether go to a faraway place where no one will find us 
or even cut our-self from the people we love the most 
it's the worst thing we can do ...but when everything is said and done ,
and it's the only thing possible left to do ....No more choices or options.

Plan E ...Etchera Plans 

The good news is ...Life never always goes like how you planned it ,
Like a deck of cards , you don't know what life will pull on you
whether it's an ace or a joker , I guess we'll never know ,
and it's honestly what makes it more exciting ....
Can you just imagine if life is just about planning 
and everyone already has there blueprint and master plan figured out 

It's like purchasing a video game with cheat codes in it ,
Sure you'd finish it , but the sense of accomplishment is gone ,
So Make Plans , Dream High and Brace yourself to what's gonna come next...