Saturday, October 27, 2012

America's Next top X Factor Makeover ? ...WTF ? LOL !

I can't breathe right now on what i'm about to blog ...but first ...

Damn ...Ciara is back ...Now that she's signed with L.A Reid (X factor judge)

Maybe L.A can pull off some strings so Ciara can perform on the X factor !
Ciara doesn't deserve to flop like nelly furtado and others ...she kick ass
and now that she's back to crunk music ...she is gonna be sizzlin! 

And did you guys saw the whole new X factor Promo ADS? 

I guess now that X factor has been renewed for a third season ...

then simon and the other judges can just go crazy with it again
Where is L.A Ads? I guess he think this is too crazy for him
but you know what's crazy ? 

But you know what's even crazier ? THIS!

Oh you don't know her ? Well I'll give you a clue ,

Yes that's X factor Contestant CeCe Frey ...And DAMN what did they do to her ,
I guess they are trying to make her likeable ...WTF 
Stop trying to change my mean girl CeCe's about time for a pretty villain chick
if i want a wholesome show i would have tune in to american idol and shit ...
Seriously before this ...she was my bet to win but now ...i don't really know,
Although Maybe the blonde hair might bring the Bitchery in her,

When Angelea receive the blond treatment ...the full blooded 716 Came out ..
So this might not be a bad thing ...Btw ...What is happening to ANTM
I have not been watching it since Angelea's Disqualification which was unfair!
But i heard next cycle they will have boys now

It takes 20 fucking season before tyra realize we need males in the series ...
Oh and beside Cece there isn't any other drastic make overs ...

Maybe Paige Thomas is supposed to be a model and not a singer like cassie ? 

Really Demi ? Willie jones instead of hot nick younger man ,
He's Cute but COMMON! Do we really need 2 Marcus Canty this season ? 

Jennel Garcia looks like an actress in this headshot tbh...

The Kids didn't really get anything Risk Changing

I like beatrice but i really do feel she's gonna be the first one out...

Because they will morph Diamond White into the next willow Smith ...

And morph Carly Rose into the young Susan Boyle ...

And Morph Arin into the next marcus canty ....LOL

The Old People  Over 25 ...

The Gay One 

The Cowboy One 

The Tattooed One 

The other Tattooed One ...Seriously Panda Ross Deserve A Slot

And the Groups ...Seriously the groups this year Looks GOOD...

I don't know what to do with Sister C ,
Although i do like Lakoda Rayne Last year 
If these three can harmonize well
they might pull out a Dixie Chicks on me ...

Spice Girls ? No
Danity Kane ? No
5 Talented Vocalist ...Yes!
Although I'm not still digging the name "Lylas"

Lemme tell you Lyric 145 has a future!

Emblem 3 Doesn't look hot here ...
I guess they really aren't doing the whole boyband thingy lol

Live shows will be next week ...If there's no baseball LOL ^_^ 

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  1. shock laki nag pinag bago nya
    anyways tlga may male na?