Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Can Someone just overthrow Queen RiRi so she can finally get a man , or join a dating site ?

Vogue is the magazine of all magazines

It's almost as if the highest of the high fashion world come in one gathering
like some harry potter meets victoria secret fashion show ,
just to create a whole museum of art display 
and pack it all up in one readable adversary.

So to be in there catalog , 
you probably have to somehow rock your presence into the fashion world 
which is normal for models and actress , since they always live in front of a camera 
but for musicians who slaves there way to make the best tunes out there 
it's a different piece of cake to even just land there.

Not for Rihanna ...Her 2nd Time to be featured in vogue america ,
not counting the other countries that has vogue she got her stamp on ...
She's the youngest african american to be featured ,
with more twitter followers than the president of america 
and just 6 years in the business and she's done more than people twice her age 
there's really isn't anything in this world she can't possibly not get . 

" I need love"
That is basically the summary of rihanna's spread interview on the magazine 
sometimes owning one of the largest throne in music history have it's disadvantage
especially when you're that young , I mean who can come up to a Rihanna ?
and just invite her for a coffee or maybe a pizza ? 

“Seriously, all I want is a guy to take me out and make me laugh for a good hour 
and take my ass back home. He doesn’t even have to come up. 
All I want is a conversation for an hour.”

That's probably why some reports (which i still don't know if it's true) 
that rihanna and chris brown are back together ,
Just like her hit song "we found love " 
If you can't get a damn man when you're on the spotlight 
Might as well try a hopeless place ...or in this case....a hopeless man.

Here is Rihanna appearing like she just ran away from the royal castle
to find love in a hopeless place ...or a farm i think.
Hope she finds it , Quick Note
I have her last year Vogue Spread 

Damn it she always look like a damsel in distress huh ,
Hope she autograph my magazine some day ,
I'll personally shop him some guys to hang out with.

All is courtesy from vogue magazine...
but seriously and freaking honestly...
when will vogue call me so they can have my 
"Superstars have the hardest life ever " shot ?


  1. she damn gorgeous i love her from head to toe

  2. Wow na feature pala siya s Vogue! Taraaaay!