Saturday, October 6, 2012

Competitions Catfights , Copycats & Comebacks

Right now there are 3 singing competition people care about ...

American Idol , The voice and The X Factor ....

Now let's dice this baby up ....


Yes this has been reported like ....days ago ...but i never reported shit that is 
too mainstream for me ....i don't know if this is real ...but here is the thing.
I don't know if this AI way of reinventing there show but i just wanna remind them 
that there core target from the ghecko was to be a "family wholesome show" 
And nicki yapping like the baddest bitch
and mariah acting like she's the diva of all diva 
is a CAT for CATastrophe ...

I do know it will make great T.V 
and believe me I love this kind of drama ...
but this fight can be as risky as it gets 
for a show that on its 12 season ....

I sure do miss paula abdul
sure she's a little crazy and not that much relevant 
but she sure does have a lot of class ....


I am so disappointed with X factor this week 
First mah home gurl quantrell didn't get in 
Second where the hell is Panda ross ? 
And third ...the sing off round looks a lot like a knock off from the voice 
seriously x factor can do a lot original than staging fake fights 
among the contestants....

I sure do loving CeCe Frey though ...


I may not have The voice on my cable channel
But damn i am so on team Xtina
this is cover art for her new album "Lotus" set on Nov 13
and from the things i see ...the cover art (that looks like a perfume ad)  
is like the birth of the legendary comeback after that horrible bionic album.

Damn even Hilary Clinton want some of that ...


  1. I like aguilera's album cover. She kind of gained some weight, right?

    Anyway, Nicki knows nothing but bitchcraft and Maria IS the DIVA OF ALL DIVAS. Hehehe! I've always been Mariah's fan. Minsan naisip kong mag-asawa ng kasing ganda at kasing galing niya. But that's just a dream. It's free.

    I've only seen American Idol. I didn't know na wala na pala dun si Paula Abdul. I like her. She's very sincere and sweet. And if she says No, it really doesn't hurt that much for the freak who's auditioning.

  2. yes it is indeed seems like a perfume ad or something

    well about ai I dont give a damn for their drama im more excited to see the contestant battle their way to the top its a singing contest after all and it better stay that way probably they dont want their show to end up being like kardashian's show or something