Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dogs gets treat ...Cats gets awards

For the first time ever ...i have so many things to blog about ...
From my personal ranking of the 16 X factor Contestant
To Cat Bouncing , U.S Presidential Election Opinion
I have so much draft in my blog box it's as if i was staring on to something like this,

But For some reason i have to dump it all behind and say Fuck you to everyone
Coz mah Hubby Man Friend Tripster Guy  Awarded me with a Liebster Blog Award!

Personally i prefer Flowers (Preferably Sunflowers)
And Chocolates (Preferably Ferrero Rocher )
From Tripster....But this will do...LOL
Anyway Let's Get Started ...Here is what a liebster award is...

The rules are:

  1. Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the 11 questions of the tagger and list 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate.
  3. Choose 11 bloggers linking them to your post.
  4. Inform them of the nomination.
  5. No tagging back. Tag bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Gotta love Copy Paste ...Ok,

11 Things About Me...

1.I'm 20 years old ....Yet i feel very old and unaccomplished.

2.I graduated College at 18 , Right now i got a new job on an American Culinary School

3.Before this award i can only remember one award i got ,

   It was in School ....It was an Acting Award ...I was a saint ...yeah i know O_o

4..Sometimes ...I don't like humans.

5.I enjoy Cold Weather & Privacy , But sometimes i love the drama of reality.

6.I'm weird ...i am trying to figure out who i really am (In terms of being a human)

   And i do feel like it will be a never ending quest to find myself.

7.I don't know what love is (Never had a family or a relationship)

   So i always think it's a bit overrated ...

8. Since i was raised alone and independently i have a good sense of

    having my own world and not giving a fuck about anyone.

9.I always wonder about my mom

10. I always wanted to know what my dad really thinks about me

11.I have the ability to talk to cats ...

Tripster's Question

If you were to break the provisions in Republic Act 10175- Anti-Cyber Crime Act at makukulong ka, sino ang ISANG blogger ang gusto mong makasama sa presinto (note: wag niyo na ako piliin. By that time, hinihintay ko na lang kayo sa loob ng selda. Naunahan ko na kayo)? Bakit siya ang napili mo?

-Hmmmm....I don't want to choose anyone to go on a precint with me ,
 I can handle myself , But i guess if i become lonely i might need your help tripster ;]

From 1 to 10, gaano ka katalino compared kay Sen. Tito Sotto?

How many senators does it take to generate a million meme's ;}

Describe yourself in 150 characters.

I Don't play Characters ...but sometimes
when i'm bored i walk into an empty room
and pretend like a carrot ...
But don't worry i don't go overboard with playing characters...
"Cough" Nicki Minaj 
"Cough"  Roman Zolanski 
"Cough" she has more characters than pokemon

Whose picture do you keep in your wallet/purse and why do you keep his/her picture? Kung maraming photos, bakit mo naman ginawang photo album ang wallet mo?

No Pictures ...Just basic Human necessities in my wallet.

What turns you on?

Great Hair ...I have a weakness for blondes...

What/Who is your obsession?

Music ...Pop Culture ....Im studying it like i'm gonna go to hollywood , I'm crazy...

What’s the song that describes your emotion/status right now?

Nothing in particular at the moment ...My taste always Change like rihanna's hair

What/Who is the major influence/inspiration in your blogging life?

Hmmmm....I wanna say who he is , but it might haunt me someday ,
I can tell you privately next time ,

If the network of blogs to which you belong was a baranggay or a country, who should be the president/baranggay captain and why? be honest , I don't really give a damn about politics...
Not my thing i guess ...they can all be president if they want too ,
just invite me on the VIP Screening when they have to fight to the death
on who will get to seat on president's throne first...Now i will love that!

How many ex’s have you had in your life?

None ...I don't think i remember names from my high school or college life
i like to delete personal data from my brain when i finish...

Complete the sentence LOVE IS….. (if it’s difficult then here’s the alternative- TITO SOTTO IS T_NG_, you can only buy vowels, please be reminded of RA 10175). 

Love is blind Like Tito Sotto is Stupid ...

And here are my recipient of my blog award ...

Yes ...the one who's reading this ...well except if you have more than 200 followers ,
You can make your own and post the link here ...i'll make sure to check it out.
Here are the list of my Questions ^_^ 

1. Why are so many people invest them selves in telenovelas like walang hanggan ? 

Then later Bitch about the ending because they have a different scenario in there head ,
It's not like the avengers will come to save the day and make a "Grand Finale" 

2. If you can cure only one ...what would it be ? 

Cancer or Aids ? 
And what will you say to the other people affected by the disease you didn't cure ? 

3. Madonna always says that ...

Is it true ? Sight Any example to strengthen your testament.

4.What is the essence of being a human ? 

And why does it matters to cats like me ? 

5. Last Question ...If ever disney make there own version of the hunger games ...

Who do you think will win ? 

Enjoy your Saturday ya'll :] 


  1. nice liebster awardee ka din meowfie congrats!
    love that line from madonna
    and that hunger game disney version

  2. Hi dearest Meowfie. Sorry for the very late response. Busy. And thank you for upgrading my status as hubby, though I've always considered myself to be just in the phase of flirting with you, yet. Hehehehe...

    I'll try to remember to bring you sunflowers and Ferrero Rocher's when we meet in the Philippines one day.

    As regards to what you said about humans, I really don't like them too. Am I a Martian? No. I'm just anomalous.

    You're not a believer in the statement "Love conquers all." Too cheesy for you huh?

    The answers to your questions:

    1. Ewan ko nga din ba. Those telenovelas are not even that great. Acting is barely acceptable sometimes. I think the sexy reputation and physical beauty of the actors and actresses precede their talent, if they have any. Ikaw na lang kaya, since you got an award as Best in Acting!

    2. I'll cure cancer. Those who are sick of cancer really suffer miserably. On the other hand, those who are AIDS victims have already the means to prolong their life better than those who have cancer. And besides, AIDS is very easy to prevent. What would I tell them? Sucks to be you? No, I was just kidding. Nothing, I might tell them to look straight ahead and grasp on to positivity in life.


    4. You're asking an anomalous being about the essence of being humans when they themselves don't know it. Humans are important for cats like you. You can make them caress and brush you without speaking a word.

    5. I'm placing my bet on Beast. We're both monsters. He has the ability to move around like an animal and his animalistic instincts are far better than Tarzan's.