Monday, October 1, 2012

I go Futile ; Filipinos goes Juvenile

So....probably today or tomorrow will be the implementation
of the most stupidest law of all time...
The cybershit law or something like that ...

Don't worry about me ...I'll be damn first 
before my blog turns into a whole some family oriented fakery
most bloggers are now shutting down because of this foolishness
coz this law is utter-mostly a violation of freedom of expression.

First off ....The fuck that was fast ...i mean this law just come out of nowhere
and then signed sealed and delivered by the president ...
there's this law in america about the internet called SOPA 
and they have been deliberating it for years!

Oh yeah ...the philippines have been deliberating 
for the usage of braincells condoms for centuries now
I forgot...

Seriously you guys made this girl a rocket scientist...
Secondly i think people who are behind this shit law 
shouldn't mess with things that they don't fully understand.
I remember this quote while watching criminal minds.

"The internet is the only thing man created that he never understand"

I mean seriously ...this law ? 
if you tweet a celebrity that she looks fat in the pic BAM! LIBEL!
you retweet that shit BAM! LIBEL!
you like/share that shit BAM! LIBEL! won 12 years in prison boo boo

"just no..."

And lastly if there's one good thing this has bought 
(nothing really since it teach everyone to be fake and be a liar)
it's probably this...

OMG who knew we have an "Anonymous Philippines" here ? LOL
but seriously anonymous are the best hackers in the world.
I mean this group hacks the pentagon,Fbi,mastercard,visa,sony,etc
unless your computer is run by a hamster wheel you have no escape with them.

What all these means is my prediction of the continual 
downward and chaotic spiral of my country is coming true
no wonder parents always chooses the courses of there kids here 
and leaving there kids live there life miserable and there future kids miserable

coz that's what the government is doing exactly
treating everyone like little children
preventing condoms , internet freedom and what other things. 

More exaggerated in the Philippines...


  1. Sad naman... tsk... tsk... tsk...

  2. well thats why our progress is quite far at reach