Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm sleepy's an unplanned blog

Everyone has plans ,
Not like dreams , where it can be classified from delusional to romantically incline
Plans on the other hand follow one simple rule

"Always Have One"

Plans not like dreams doesn't come out of nowhere or on your sleep
you make a mental note of it , or write it down if you have too ...
Even Bums and Hobo's has plans ,
It's called...

Works every-time honestly....
So i think i should share to you guys
Different Category of Plans

Plan A ....Also Known As Plan Ambitiously as you can ...

Everyone has that one dream...but surely everyone has a million plans.
And behind that one billion plan , you have that one plan only you know ...
yes the one hidden on your time deposit safe on your brain
that when the timing is right , you'll pull it out of nowhere

Like a superman costume under your trench-coat 
and i think Plan A must be as ambitious and unattainable as possible ,
Why you say ? 

Always Aim for the moon guys ,
Even if you'll still fall against those stars ^_^

Plan B ...The Back up Plan

It's Dumb not to have a back up plan ,
Coz dreams doesn't always come true (Ouch )
And we can always sue disney for making us believe about happy ever after
or we can just conduct our own second plans ,
Make it big , yet still can fit on the back of your pocket.

Plan C ...The Canvass

When Painters Paint , They don't have all the colors in the world ,
They practically just have the primary colors and mix it to get what they want
So should you , if ever Plan A works and Plan B goes to the drain
Try plan C , Looks against your surrounding ...
and try to see what you can do with what you actually have now
Sometimes what you have been looking is already there...your just not looking at it.

Plan D .. Downfall Plan 

This maybe the saddest thing that ever existed ...downfall plan is when everything fails
All is Doom and's when you ...gulp....give up ,
Hitler use gun as his plan D , Most people ....I mean all of us have a Plan D 
whether go to a faraway place where no one will find us 
or even cut our-self from the people we love the most 
it's the worst thing we can do ...but when everything is said and done ,
and it's the only thing possible left to do ....No more choices or options.

Plan E ...Etchera Plans 

The good news is ...Life never always goes like how you planned it ,
Like a deck of cards , you don't know what life will pull on you
whether it's an ace or a joker , I guess we'll never know ,
and it's honestly what makes it more exciting ....
Can you just imagine if life is just about planning 
and everyone already has there blueprint and master plan figured out 

It's like purchasing a video game with cheat codes in it ,
Sure you'd finish it , but the sense of accomplishment is gone ,
So Make Plans , Dream High and Brace yourself to what's gonna come next...



  1. It's true that life never always goes like how you planned it, because we don't do what we planned most of the time. :)

  2. well i don't know why but whenever i plan there'll always be somethings that would mess up everything haha

  3. That's why we have 26 letters in the English Alphabet, If plan A does not work, then you have 25 more letters left to choose from. Oha.

  4. pero minsan ako plan a palang take it or leave it na agad.. hahaha