Friday, October 5, 2012

Reunion anyone ?

Let's talk about angels....charlie's angels 

This idea was originally created as a tv series in the 70's 

They we're supposed to name them alley cats (LOL)
but the show was a huge hit back then
sadly i haven't seen one episode so i don't really have any insights with that
but i do know farrah fawcett, one of the angels 
who's hairstyle is being copied by tyra circa 2002 was the beyonce of the group 

Here is farrah ....that is her poster ....and it sold 12 million copies 
yes....12 million for a poster ....and that was in the 70's so that shit is big!
anywho they tried to revive the series 
and it flop so hard farrah's poster is still laughing...

Seriously i watch this and it was really bad crappy bad 
but enough about those bitches 
because honestly there is only three charlie's angel i know 

these two movies was a lot of success 
you know it when destiny's child and pink sang your theme song 
but seriously why did they not make another of it ?
and in case your wondering this post was hugely influence
by cameron diaz recent esquire magazine shoot

Okay....what the fuck she's 40....SERIOUSLY...
yeah i know there some airbrush there and a little photoshop
but you can't deny CAMERON DIAZ IS BANGING!
Oh and about the other two angels 

Lucy Liu is one of the lead stars in the new cbs drama "elementary" 
she's 43 and looks amazing (go asian genes) 

Drew Barrymore now 37 is still a covergirl alongside taylor swift 
still signed as an IMG model , a face of gucci , and an U.N Ambasaddor
Above all .....last September she birthed a baby 
Congrats to her ....I sure do hope they three come back together ....
even on there 50's ....i'd still watch them kick ass again! 

How much you guys wanna bet ...

That these is what girls look like in heaven ...

And in other "I want a fucking reunion" news 
Matthew knowles will kinda released an album (more like 2005 greatest hits) 
rumours has it that they are trying to get the band together
but there's only one problem...

Kelly rowland and michelle williams has there own careers now
while michelle got signed into light records
and even tweeted me yesterday (YEY)
It's been a great momentum for Kelendria Rowland

-a new endorsement of her own watches at tw steel
-has a new song ice that will replicate motivation 
(Mind you Motivation was the only rnb single last year that hit platinum)
-her own sitcom deal in works from BET Channel

and a new collaboration with ludacris and sean paul


How dare they say destiny has only one child ?!


  1. After readion this post..I miss watching charlie angels:)

  2. I loved charlie's angel the newer version and of course the ever goreous destiny's child