Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shallowness Occurs : This guy is in love with u Mare review

Yesterday me and my cousin watch a movie
in my mind i was really hoping we we're gonna watch pitch perfect ...

But ofcourse ...Like peanut butter is great with jelly and serve with a glass of milk
My cousins are Chicks
And Chicks is synonymous to Chick Flicks ...

Yes...we watch this film ....and if i can be directly blunt
it was trashy , stereotypical and overall what you expect ,
I guess Christmas was coming so i guess Pretentious Mall Sales 
and star studded cast with rip off scripts are coming on our way better be cautious.,

But before the really horrid review i gave this film ,
let's do dissect the three leading stars ...shall we ?

I don't like him or hate him ...I think he is talented.
But with all the fame and success he better off i think making great choices
rather than playing the stereotypical gay guy people expect him to be ,
I never even heard him fight for gay people right or even for same sex marriage.

Remember when he has his feud against tado ,
He never did greatly defend himself in a classy manner that people will look up too
instead he was offended ...and people was ok for vice to be offended
coz he was viewed just as a comedian...that just shows the he can never be a role model.

I think toni gonzaga is talented
she carved her own niche to showbiz and she work hard for it
from a host she level up to a recording artist
But if i we're to believe some of my mass com friends
they say she kinda a bitch , LOL 
I do wanna believe it somehow ...since she looks very high maintenance.

Just like the other two ...Luis has his Abs Talent ...
But since he's been in the business a long time
i expect him to be bigger than his parents
too bad he always feels a little bit short and and a little bit safe.

Now let's move on to the film...

First stop ...i suggest to not watch this film shows how shallow films are 
and how endorsement just keeps this as colorful and as over hyped as possible.

Second...IF you want to know a quick rundown ...this is basically it,

Vice play a stereotype gay guy what he normally plays on t.v
where gays are just atm machines and not actually human who deserve love & respect
i can't even believe he agreed to be put on this role.

Luis...plays a young hot guy (so he assumes) , Which i don't get how he is ok with that,
Dude is 32 ...his colleague are playing cheating husband
while he's stuck playing role even daniel padilla can play ...

Toni plays that dumb girl who perfected sarah geronimo's innocent then later 
cry like it's the end of the world part ...
I did like the color of her hair in this movie ...but that was about it.

And lastly

This is out of line but i read and i know some gay guys who when they reach 30 something
they magically turn into straight and have kids and shit ...with a wife ...
Sorry but i do feel disgusted about that.

When people ask me about that stuff i immediately say no ,
I mean who the fuck spend the half of there life as a vagina decliner
and wake up looking for a girl to fuck he can have kids ,
and somewhat his kids will have an "utang na loob" to him
and take care of him when he's old
aren't people should have kids out of love ...not for future security ?

I never raise myself a liar ...and never will be.
This is what will happen if the government won't legalize same sex marriage,
everyone will just play "pretend we're a normal family"
When in reality all of them are as shallow as a dog's saliva,

Oh and if you don't like dog's saliva ...don't watch this film ,
truthfully's saliva are more entertaining that this awful shallow mess.


  1. i remember how he fought tado vice was coll back there
    and he's indeed talented but not always likable