Sunday, October 28, 2012

Speaking of ...

Things that are happening @ Dear Old Tinseltown ! 

Nicki Minaj Release two back to back videos this week 

Va Va Voom i think is from Pink Friday : Roman Reloaded 

While the boys is from "Re-Up "
It's gonna be the re release of roman reloaded 
due on november

Good to see Nicki minaj is still the imelda marcos of wigs
She has release 9 music videos ...this year alone...WERK THEM WIGS!
and cassie is finally getting in on some action...It's been a while girl...
If you forgot who cassie is , she's the half filipina "Me & U " Singer 

Yes it was 2006 ....the race was tight back then 
everyone new was coming out on 2006 rihanna to ciara to amerie to teairra 
but of-course when it comes to longevity was rihanna who remained on top

Speaking of rihanna ...

Rihanna is currently shooting for her new music video "Diamonds"
And i also heard that the theme of the music video is "Angels V.S Devils"
Diamonds just crack the top ten on the U.S giving her 23 top hits 
Whitney houston has 23 top hits , she needs 15 more to tie with madonna

Did i mention riri is just 24 ? LOL 
Madonna was 33 when she had her 23rd hit with "This used to be my playground"
Rihanna lead the american music awards with 4 nods (Same as Nicki)
She's Nominated for Fave Female / Fave Rnb/Soul Artist / Fave Rnb Album
And the Top award Artist of the year that she shares with bestfriend katy perry

Speaking of Katy Perry 

Katy Perry Rocks A ballot dress in support of president Obama this week
I wonder who's the pervert that shaded it ...
She also celebrated her 28 Birthday 
With non other than john mayer ...

John Mayer...the famous ex boyfriend of jennifer anniston to 
jessica simpson and taylor swift

Speaking of taylor Swift 

Taylor (22) and her boyfriend Connor (18) just broke up
Good for us....more songs to guess who's that douche that break swifty's heart
For the mean while RED her new album will be dropping next week
Expert say it will sell 1 million in it's first week
Same as lady gaga's "Born this way"

Speaking of lady gaga

Yeah....I don't know where she is ...Bitch crazy anyway ....,


  1. i heard gaga was doing something disney related haha

  2. i hate gaga, but i love the songs