Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Struggles of a Dreamer

Remember when you we're a kid ...

You wanna be an Astronaut... 

A scientist ...

A Hollywood Superstar ...

Then you wake up 

you see what the world really looks like 

it wasn't what you use to watch on T.V

and you experience the word "reality" ...

You Grow up ,

You Move on ,

You adjusted in every situation that life gave you 

Now you're sitting on a cubicle ...

wondering when is the next payday ? 

And then you think ...Is being a kid just a "phase" and not a part of your life ? 

Where in you have all the right to believe that you can do anything 

and when adulthood hits you 

you're left sitting there fantasizing of what could have been ?

of what should have been ? 

They say love is worth fighting for ?

Then aren't dreams should be worth fighting for too ? 

A single tear shed on your face , and then you wake up 

Your writing this post ...

You thank god you're still a dreamer ,

And you make a pact to yourself no matter what happens...

That you will hold on to your dreams as it was your only oxygen

And every breath you take , Every step you make ...

You will not stop fighting till you make it ,

There's already too many dead dreams ,

Too many Dreamers that already quit,

And too many people who have settled in mediocrity ...

Fight for your dreams ...Believe it ...and never ever let it go , 

Coz if you don't , Someone else will get it and make it happen ,

And you will have to live the rest of you life disconcerted and broken

Have an inspirational monday everyone ^_^ 


  1. what a lovely post meow it make a lot of sense
    keep dreaming my friend

  2. Nice and quite sad. This post reminds me (again) of Julian Barnes book, "Sense of an Ending". He wrote, "one of our greatest fear is that life would not turn out like that in literature." (or something like that, hehehehe...)

    But really, it's easy to dream dreams, but to make them real, one must really work hard. And more than that, one must make sacrifices.

    You're still young. Try to enjoy your youth because once adulthood comes, you'll be pulled down to earth and be the worst thing you can ever imagine- PRACTICAL.

    But as one gets older, he gets wiser and more mature, and you learn to appreciate things and prioritize things that make you really happy and more than satisfied in life.

    I'm not a very perky optimistic person, but I always look forward for the best.