Wednesday, October 3, 2012


So i learn a new term to day's "Tinseltown"

Yes means hollywood ....and i'm gonna write what is going on with tinseltown.
Why? Coz i couldn't careless with my country and it's idiotic cybercrime law ,
Why care and be honest and blog how we should save the pearl and shit
when i could be jailed up to 12 years for just voicing my opinion?

Instead im gonna be caring about tinseltown
coz i'm gonna work there someday! hahahaha joke.

The really amazing Britney spears show X factor USA just unveiled there new host.

The really cute mario lopez ...I like him on ABDC so this is a no-brainer,

And khloe kardashian ...the sister of the really hot kim kardashian,
I don't know i don't watch there show
tho i tune in once and she's overreacting coz she was adopted or something
so this shall be interesting...
why did they not let there brother do it ...he's really cute...hahaha

What can i say ....I love douche-bags...

Here's one girl who doesn't like douchebag ....taylor swift! 

Taylor swift basically tells Glamour Magazine when they ask her 
about john mayer bashing her for writing "dear john" from her "Speak now" album
That john is simply "presumptious" and that she never tells anyone 
for whom the songs she wrote are all about.

Good for her ....she's very classy
and somewhat i am loving this photoshoot 
normally she looks like a 22 year old wearing a 5 year old outfit 

and sometimes a 22 year old wearing a 50 year old outfit.

See what i mean ? 
Great job glamour magazine ^_^

The final poster for breaking dawn part 2 have been released...
it don't scream "ready for battle ...we're fighting SPARTA" to me
or maybe that's what the photographer wants...

Remember when twilight came up
and it look like some cheap indie flick that was actually good
then everybody jumps on it 
and make it look like a never ending sex in the city montage? too.....


  1. I have not watched Britney on X-Factor, just this one time she was giving a contestant some harsh comments like "You're monotonous" LOL. Coming from her? I'm a fan though LOL. The Kardashians, I think, are overrated and I try to avoid seeing them on TV.

  2. I never came to like britney's music but still i guess she's cute as host im also a fan of mario lopez have you watched him at ellen? hah that was hilarious he got a boner there bacuse ellen take off his pants