Sunday, October 7, 2012

X factor Philippines Finale Review : It was Not that horrible

So last night there weren't any good show 
so i watch the X factor Philippines season 1 finale
Well actually there was a good show, I just didn't find it 
My future husband Seth Macfarlane was Hosting SNL OMG!

Cute and funny ......agh......
Oh and he even impersonated 
My other future husband Ryan Lochte 

Agh ...why didn't i catch this show :( 
But anyway you know what ....even x factor philippines 
was basically a pain to watch this first season 
(kedebon , take off, modeston taran , allen) 
There finale ...wasn't that bad ....

The show open with the ever changing face of lani misalucha 
with the top three oh and vina morales do her impersonation 
of jennifer lopez in the middle of the show 
then charice debuted a whole new look 

"getting that rihanna moneeeeehhh"

But enough about that let's talk about the performances ...

Daddy's Home 

1st Performance 

I always wonder what daddy's home standing will be if they win 
will they resurrect the super dead OPM music of the Philippines ? 
The answer is undetermined but i really did appreciate there performance 
i always say they don't do risk coz they always sang predictable harmonic songs,
But they instead chose a church song and for once , it wasn't bad 
they made me feel like i was in a chapel if we can just talk about the shades.

2nd Performance

This second performance actually seal the deal for me , 
if ever they win i'm cool with it
But first i gotta give props to Nina , i have high respect for her 
she is such an icon...

Not like sarah geronimo who shake her ass every sunday night to sarah g live
and will not stop unless she cover every song in music history 
nina stay behind everything , yet she age gracefully and very classy...
You know someone is an icon when you don't see them
yet when they're on the spotlight ...they shine.

Gabriel Maturan 

1st Performance

When i heard this guy is gonna sing "I believe" ...i was like,

But he really did a great job with it ....
and good arrangement with that song,
He'd probably win after that ....

2nd Performance 

So here is gab again with Chiz Escudero Bamboo
ok hold up what is going on here ....
isn't bamboo the one who sing "noypi" or something like that ? 

But time passed by ....OPM died ...
Now bamboo with his super white vicky belo skin 
and his call center accented voice 
is now yearning into a more The Scripts/One republic sound

As for there performance of Man who can't be moved ?
Well gab thinks and feels like he's justin bieber 
and bamboo thinks and feels like he's Bruno mars
But all i see is two guys promoting that the leather jacket is back.

KZ Tandingan 

1st Performance

I never really get charice pick to her girls team 
i already forgot the other one's name 
and allen is nothing but a cher llyod copycat 
but i really got high hopes for kz 
but tonight ....finale night ....every hopes of what she can be 
is she win this things completely shatters 

Her first performance was a pageantry mess ....
and as for her second performance ? 

2nd Performance 

Let's say i couldn't care less ....

I really think X factor Philippines has a lot of promise 
but there were a lot of things that was a miss here 
from hiring charice (no offense ...she's more emotional than a used tampon)
to snubbing the most talented contestant that they got ,

I can't even find a video of the ladivadings ....
but truthfully they're more talented than the other contestant
but i guess in the Philippines no one really cares about talent ,
The things you need to be a star here is 

A. You have to have a blood of someone famous 
B. You have to be mixed with any other ancestries (no pure pinoys allowed) 
C. You pretty much need to know how to lipsing 
     and ready to shake your ass and fake smile on sunday's variety shows

Oh and don't forget to revive every pageantry song 
and every corny love song 
and act as if your cover was the best in the world 
and oprah should give a fuck about you ...

As for the show ....meh .....gabriel will win.
So let's just wait later to see the confetti shower 
and gabriel singing "I believe" while crying and sobbing for his mommy
Ugh ... This show are like those people who pose with the pisa tower 

Fucking predicatable....

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  1. honestly i was rooting for kz

    I hated charice here and her looks arghh worst that ever