Saturday, October 13, 2012

X factor Recap : Judges houses best and worst performances

Last week the boot-camp battle round was such a disappointment
almost as if i rather hear Xtina's "Fuck your body" 
song over and over again rather than to watch that crapfest
but this week they went on the judges houses and i for one was simply impress

"We're Back in the game gurls"

First off there were a lot of great performance , 
who even had better performance rather than there audition 
and i really like how some of the songs we're very stripped down,
so yes ...let's go and review them shall we ? 

CeCe Frey 

Demi told cece she was "unlikable" 
gee demi is really becoming a good honest judge
now if she can just dye her hair to brown 
coz she's hotter being a brunette than blond

But i think she looks best with dark black hair 
and a little less make up and more natural 
coz i don't really think she can pull off those pink hair shit 

See what i mean ? but back to cece , her sexy and i know it was actually funny
but i do want a villain in this show 
it be boring if cece go all goody goody two shoes on me 
leave that shit to the kids cece , Be the baddest bitch!

Paige Thomas 

I never really get this girl , sure she looks like a Class A rihanna wannabe
but from her audition to her i will always love you rendition
she seems lackluster to me , but now i really kinda getting the judges
her version of "turn up the music" was really beautiful 
and i don't think she's channeling rihanna
those hand gestures are so beyonce's hand gestures 

Minus the craziness of-course...

Nick Youngerman 

I dont care what people say , i love this guy
he's really cute he looks like vinny , i would root for him!
and they should totally open every show like how they did this week
showing nick showering like a shampoo commercial 

And that tattoo is dope ....OMG please demi PLEASE!

Lyric 145

Now this may be the biggest breakout surprise from this season
talk about an underrated yet talented group 
there performance of party USA was so clever 
it's as if they weren't just newly created days ago...
I think Simon finally found his secret weapon.


Another one of new manufacture group by team x factor 
lylas did a great job on shontelle's impossible 
But why do i have a feeling they won't get in 
and simon will choose Sister C instead to represent girl power 
I mean i love country but they need someone stronger and relatable 
I mean remember last season's Lakoda rayne ? neither

Beatrice Miller

Talk about gasp , my favorite rendition of titanium ever ...
i really hope this girl gets in , but why do i have a feeling if ever she gets in
she's gonna be a dead weight ,when the live shows will come
they will set her songs she can't pull off in favor of the other "personalities" 

Carly Rose 

Possessed ? more like obsessed !
Damn that brokenhearted stripped down version was amazing!
Good thing rachel crow isn't on this season
she might get a heart attack of all the talented kids 

Diamond White 

Maybe one of the best name i ever heard , a diva name ...
i just hope if she enters the top 12
she will stay away from pageantry ballads...
we already have a melanie amaro

Where ever she is ...
Oh and this is the list of the worst 


American one direction ? No
Boy band Experiment Failed...try again simon,
(although i have a feeling they might get in) 

Jillian Jensen 

This girl will get in ...she has a great voice 
but she is overacting way too much 
almost as if she's gonna cry every time the camera pans to her 
Oh well ....she better have a great meltdown on the show.


I love this guys , they will get in ...there shirts are always off
the one with the cap is like the beyonce of the group  
and the other two don't mind being back up

"So like im kelly and you're michelle" 

A really great formula for a boyband
But dude there performance was a little underwhelming , 
i do wish them well

May simon's barrier protect them from getting chopped.

Arin Ray

Uhm...that's really unfair that he gets a second chance ,
But yeah intensity from the first season spell doom from the first day anyways
but still unfair ...i want mah gurl quantrelle to get in 

James Tanner 

Kid is either drunk or eaten too much chocolate 

Reed Deming 

Will.I.Am say he speaks like a emperor think he speaks like a brat.

All the over 25's 

I didn't bother to watch there performance ...
i mean my girl panda ross was not there ...
although i miss a chance to see what the biebs did there 
I bet he was like...

"These bitches are so basics....."

And just like that the order of the world was restored again.


  1. well Im not an expert I actually know nothing in terms of singing but i guess they all have what it take they never make it this far if they dint' ryt?

  2. @phioxee guest lang siya to judge the contestants

    Xfactor USA is waayyy better than our Phil version which sucks!!

    Masmagaling ang contestants ngayon kesa last year

  3. I have a feeling na di maeeliminate ang Emblem 3. sayang naman sana hindi. Pero tingin ko di sila tatagal.