Friday, November 9, 2012

A Piece of Heaven

You can really have everything in this world ...
You can earn things with money can buy night...two night ... trophy wife ?
You can have fame...15 hour...
Fame is not a matter of if you can actually have it or not
it's a matter of how long can you keep it once you have it ...

So what are mortals problem ...Since we really know we can have everything in this world.
We yearn to things that aren't in this world ...
Why do we throw billions of money for space project
when we can just leave it at that ...
So what if there are aliens out there ...Would we finally Stop there ?
Of course not ...Humanity as we knows it will probably try to distinguish it
in a way to make life as more as it's complicated as it should be.

But what humans yearn probably a piece of heaven ...
Since we all know we can go to space ...there is only one place we can't go
And so people try to find a way to conjure any realization that once they died
they had an assurance of waking up there...sipping tea with the saints and the angels.

Yet when all things are said and done ...And mortality strives the imperfections of our souls
No Book...
No Testament...
No Group or Affiliation you belong to can secure you ...

It's just you and him ....
And what you have done
what you should have done
and are you willing to fight for everything you believe in 
or trade everything away just to have a piece of heaven ? 


  1. this is so well written it makes a lot of sense and it is pretty moving
    well done meow

  2. and it thougt at first it was a song ... pak na pak to!

  3. Beautifully written.