Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In future ...there is hope, (True Story)

When i was in high-school ...i lost my phone 
it was near in my home ...just blocks from it actually ...it was in pandacan
i was just going to my friend and when i got there i realized i lost it 
knowing that pandacan was a small place ...and basically everyone here knows everyone
i was sure someone from my own home town will give it to me ...
But unfortunately my phone was lost forever ...good riddance i guess , 

A few days ago ...I lost my phone ...again.
This time i was going to shakey's with my cousin ...
instead of panicking and worrying about the last times ( i already lost my phone twice) 
I just move on and let go ...even though i know i can't afford to buy one ,
I just say hey...at least i have a valid reason so my boss can't contact me
maybe they'll finally give me the increase i wanted.

A day or two later ...someone contacted my cousin ....
they say they got the phone from the taxi , 
it was almost as if a mixed feeling of "huh" and "what" from me ...
It's like the feeling of you finally move on and let go 
and the past came back to haunt you

Even though it was a pleasant surprise ,
i was still scratching my head of the possibility of it all ,
At this time of age ...will someone out there give an effort to give a phone back ?
"hoholdapin ka lang nyan " one of my officemate said ...
"kung buti nakaiphone ako , samsung corby lang phone ko, anu makukuha nila sa akin?"
i logically said back to her...

So there i went ...Sm San Lazaro i even was late ....stupid traffic 
and what i saw really shock me 
it was a white lady ...smiling ...in a plain short and t-shirt get up, maybe in her 30's
i really thought in my head it was some old rich lady who will scold me about 
how i should take care of my phone and how i should be grateful she found it ,
But it wasn't ...then i realized something 

The look on her eyes says it all ...she just want to bring the phone back
and there was no other intention or agenda's 
the only point there was ...was her kindness ...
she just didn't show me the odds of how many people will actually give your phone back
she showed me that our future is determined by the act of what we are doing today,
I mean how many phone can i have in the future ...? 10 , 20 , 30 ? 
But how many people are out there ...who's just like her...will do such kindness 

I mean i'm not even willing to say im that good of a person 
if i found a phone on the taxi ...ill probably leave it there and go on with my life
it's not that i don't wanna help 
it's just ...human instinct ...we rather go on and wash our hand 
than put our own fingerprint and be responsible to things that doesn't concern us.

But knowing of what just happen ,
it basically changes my life ...she just didn't give me my phone back 
she gave me a reason to say that we can change the future 
if we're willing to put our effort and even our heart in it ...

So to Ms Ina Salvilla of Tondo Manila ...Thank you ,
I really wish we could have chatted more but it was late 
I really wish i would have given you a better cake 
but from the bottom of everything inside of me ...I will forever owe and appreciate ^_^ 

You know what's ironic though ?
she gave me back something i lost 
and then i go to facebook and steal her picture
"Tao nga naman ..." hahaha


  1. hey Meowfie... i wasn't able to catch the website but i did saw some chubby kitty ala gangnam... lolz!

  2. Who needs heroes when social problems can be solved when we exalt the saying "Honesty is the best policy."

    It really warms the heart to hear stories like this, at a time when we say Philippines is nothing but garbage (especially Subic, the official American garbage bin). All of a sudden, among these black sheep, there's one white sheep with a golden heart.

    Tapos Tondo pa no? They say nothing good comes out of Tondo. Eh ngayon may proof na may good pa rin na nagmumula sa Tondo. Eh sa Malacanang meron ba? Sa Quezon meron ba? Sa Forbes Park honest ba talaga ang mga may pinag-aralan? O baka they're filled with AMALAYER people? hahaha!

  3. wow thats a great story to tell i mean there are few honest people left on earth(unfortunately im not included lol). What she did was noble and something that people must look up to,
    she will be blessed thats for sure.
    anyways be careful this time there might be no Ms Ina Salvilla next time