Saturday, November 24, 2012


They say that we are all
this world....this universe....
call it destiny...
or call it the biggest puzzle that who knows when will be solved.

I go on with life finding myself 
coz i don't believe no one just suddenly pop out of there mom's womb
and the doctor yell ... "It's Complete....the human is Complete" 

We grow up ...getting more and more questions ...
curiosity strikes ...and our eagerness to find all the answers get higher everyday
while some rely on things based on books and teachings of there adequate surrounding
on another hand ...they look on life with all the experience they gotten ,
since no one can mentor oneself than there own failure and accomplishment.

But now as i pass through all these noted motions
and life gets older 
time gets younger 
fads gets faster ....

It got me wondering where to look at 
and where am i headed 
and where can i find the last piece 
of my own puzzle.

have you find yours ? 

1 comment:

  1. well i guess thats the point of living finding one self