Saturday, November 3, 2012

Things i do on Halloween ...Give Candies to Kiddies

Last October 30th was the annual trick or treat 
of the kiddies of Baranggay Baretto Pandacan Manila ,
I maybe a frozen hearted kitty cat monster
But when it comes to this stuff ...I always do my part to help,
I always thought if we can just save the next generation ...
then there's hope for humanity...

Coz ya'll know where doomed ....Except Antartica though 

Someday imma buy an igloo there ...
and watch the destruction of earth 
inside my own igloo

"Those dumb bitches and there mansion in malibu"

So here are some kids who went on our house 
and give some old trick or treat spirit 

Let's open this post with this cute lady bug ,
I do prefer some red heels for the kiddo
Ballet school shoes are so generic nowadays

The middle one is my cousin 
The other two are her bestfriends
Don't worry they are just assisting the kids
No Candies for them 

This is my other cousin Kim dress as Princess fiona from Shrek 
She was Bum she didn't win ...
I told her that she can't win coz our family is the one organizing the whole thing
Even when i was a kid i still didn't win 
I would show you guys my old trick or treat photos but 
Hahahahaha ....Asa lang kayo 

The Two Drag queens are the judges
On the other side the one sipping is My ninang kagawad Heidi Santos
I really admire my ninang ...she always do her best 
For our Baranggay ...
I guess Awesomeness Runs in our Blood 

Great Shoes Girl ...

This girl may have won the best costume
for her recycled gown made from newspaper
But you know that male darna is serving up some 
major fierceness back there

"Ang tagal pala nito sana nagpamanicure muna ko"

"Taba ni Wolverine nouh"

"May shift pa ko mamaya sa aegis"

Don't mind Buzz Light year 
He's Just finding the "Special Effects Button" 

Gaara's Costume
Lady Gaga's Eyeliner

The New Ipod Throwing some tantrums
Nothing bought in divisoria ever works

Male Darna Serving Some Major Fiercess 
Round 2 

Male Darna All Grown Up!

Unidentified Fish Outside 

Boy in A cat Jumpsuit
I have nothing to do with that mess
i'm innocent i tell yah

Evil Queen ...fake mirror each sold seperately

That girl Also won best costume i think ...
Which was far fetch since obviously they just bought that 
Do you want to know my opinion of who should have won best costume?
More importantly

ALL TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. I love the 'Wolverine', 'Gaara wearing lady Gaga's eyeliner', the 'IPOD with horns'... I agree with the last one... THE BEST! SpongeBob! Happy Hollow's eve!

  2. the best nga ung sponge bob di ako lumalabas kaya di ko alam kung may ganto ba samin ung nakita ko lng ee parade ng mga beki monsters

  3. funny naman ni sponge bob. sana ngsquare pants din sya. hhahaha/ cute ng mga bulilit at ng cuzin mong si fiona

  4. Winner yung spongebob! Pinakamaganda sa lahat haha

  5. I just love the littl Lady Bug! She's adorable.

    I was laughing at the iTantrums. hahahaha! As for the best costume I was really expecting something awesome. Well, that was INCREDIBLE. hahahaha!

    Your cousin's really cute. She did a great job to become Fiona, unfortunately nasa dynasty pala siya. You didn't tell me that you have relatives in politics. And to think that you never liked it. Now I'm really interested. Hehehe!

    I would really love to see you in your human costume. Hahahaha!

    1. Oh politics ....people here want me to even join in it ,

      I mean the president salary is just 40k ,and every pilipino is bitching at the government as if they were shitting yamashita treasure everyday.

      As for your last line ...
      Well I' most humanly when i have nothing on i guess ;)
      (I just died laughing in my head)

  6. hahaha. kakatuwa naman. ikaw na may sense of humor!