Thursday, January 30, 2014

Surprise Bitch ... ;)

Time Check...3:00 A.M



Well that wasn't really creative or funny for a Coming back blog...

Now that's more like it :D ! 

Well after months....years....i don't know i have like 15 followers 
so shoot me if i forgot the consequences of not blogging it's not like someone miss me :( why am i bothering Blogging again ? 

I don't know ok so let's make a rundown of what happen to myself after i left.

-January 2013 (My last blog post was December 2012 , don't count my october post ... i was just really want to post the michelle williams gif hahahaha) Where was i ...oh i was still in that culinary school

loved it ...began hating it thing i know i was out there by march ,
Shit was full of witches and not even the american horror story coven kind.
And yes im addicted to that show....
Can't you tell ? 

And yes the meme's are coming so hold on ...

After the whole stint on the culinary school....i went south to real estate

It was really fancy...i did not expect that , I learn and grow a lot 
then i dyed my hair blonde
and all hell break loose 

The whole "How i cut my hair and dyed it blonde like i was fucking miley cyrus story"
will be another story (hahahaha anyway yeah ...i miss it's been 3 months off work
I'm unemployed , bored , broke ...and i spend my last savings to buy a laptop

A really cheap ass second hand one that i don't have any idea what asian country 
did it came from (between the incorrect button of everything in my keyboard im guessing...)
anyway that doesn't matter anymore ,

The important matter is that i am back...with a laptop that may or may not die on me when i needed it the most ...and between the emotionally delusional craziness planet earth has been fuming from it's core lately
it's nice to just settle down ...
bitch around...
and start blogging again.