Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A situation over here...

What are best-friends ?

One of my friends told me that friendship has it's hierarchy

There are those close friends

Like they know your shit and stuff like that ...

Then there's your best friend ...

Everything...from the way you walk to the way you act...they just gets it.

And there's you're one true friend.

See there is this one true friend of mine ...we have been through a lot 
we grew up as kids and now we are young adults 
and i am having problems with her...

Well, we kinda got into an argument recently's about drugs
Normally im cool with people who do that 
i mean if it unleash you're inner miley cyrus then go for it.

if your dad is ok with it though...
Glad i don't have them lol

Anyway moving on ...our argument went so bad that she unfriended me on facebook
so that means it is some serious stuff when your best-friend unfriended you on facebook
So i was surprised last night when someone knock on our door and calling my name
It was her mom...

See...i also consider her family as my family as well ...
and the past year they have gone through a lot 
the dad of the house has suffered a severe stroke
her mom lost there business due to the whole thing and even got diabetes
to add insult to the injury her uhm boyfriend is about to go out of jail this august 
and take her child away from her (guy who impregnated her was a psycho)
I can't believe it ...4 years in prison and still haven't changed a bit

I mean i hear they just watch t.v there ...
not like in america where they like torture prisoners and stuff
i can't believe they are using our taxes so criminals can have a vacation.
Anyway her mom told me everything how she wish her daughter will wake up from all of it
coz i confronted my bestfriend that she got a substance abuse
and she went all "denial dont judge me your not god mode" over it 

On one hand ...i wanna help ...I mean is there a free rehab thingy that the government offer ?
On the other hand i don't know what to do...It's like being stuck in a black hole.
there is just no way out,